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nntp//rss Download
Free Download nntp//rss 0.5 Beta 1

Bridging the worlds of NNTP clients and RSS feeds, nntp//rss is an application that will enable you to use your existing NNTP newsreader to read your favorite syndicated information channels.

nntp//rss is a Java-based bridge between RSS feeds and NNTP clients, enabling you to read your favorite RSS syndicated content within your existing NNTP newsreader. RSS feeds are represented as NNTP newsgroups, providing a simple, straightforward and familiar environment for news reading.

nntp//rss contains both an NNTP server and an RSS aggregator, with a web interface for administration and monitoring. Installation is as simple as unpacking the distribution and running the application. It has been tested against popular NNTP newsreaders, including Mozilla, Outlook Express, MT-NewsWatcher, Free Agent, and text-based readers such as Gnus, tin and nn.

Configuration is only necessary at this stage if you want to change the port on which the NNTP server listens (default 119), or the port for the web admin interface (default 7810).
Both parameters are stored in the nntprss-config.xml file, found in the directory where you unpacked nntp//rss.
Simply change the 'port' attribute of either the nntp or admin elements to your desired port(s). If you change either of the ports after nntp//rss has been started, you will need to stop
and restart nntp//rss.

Running nntp//rss
In the directory where you unpacked the nntp//rss distribution, execute the following command:
1. Windows:

2. Other Platforms:
java -jar nntprss-start.jar

This will start the nntp//rss server. The first time the server is run, it will create and prepopulate a database with some sample feeds. These feeds can be changed through the web-based administration interface.

* Internet Browser

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this newsreader software.

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