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myPersonal Banker can organize your family and business budget with this expert financial advisor. It is a computer program, a user-friendly "tool", which helps the users in exercising their daily financial activities.

Through the simple application and use of numerous financial calculations and examples, it represents an experienced financial advisor for the user.

On the other hand, myPersonal Banker is designed in such a way that it can be used directly both by the user who has no previous experience in computers and by the user who has no knowledge of finance!

It is addressed to businessmen, bankers, economists, lawyers, students of economics, investors, depositors, borrowers, credit card holders, consumers and generally to all the users of financial products and services.

There is no doubt that myPersonal Banker will become an inseparable partner to many of them.

The user of this program will easily and quickly find answers to questions like the following:
1. How much is the amount of the monthly instalment if i pay off the loan in 10 years and how much is it if i pay it off in 20 years?
2. How much will my instalment increase, if the interest rate is increased by 0,15%?
3. With how many interests will my credit card be charged, if I pay the minimum payment every month?
4. How much is the real interest rate of the loan i pay?
5. Which is the real return of my deposit?
6. How many interests will I receive if I invest my capital for 45 days with an interest rate of 3,45%?
7. How much will my capital increase in 10 years if there is a compounding of interest every 3 months?
8. What capital will I get after 25 years if I invest $ 55 every month with an interest rate of 2,6%?
9. Will my assets increase if I set up the business I plan to start?
10. Which is the annual interest rate when the monthly interest rate amounts to 2%?
11. What are the expenses that I will have to pay for a cheque given to the bank as a discount?
12. What return did my business has, based on the earnings of the last 5 years?
13. How many euros are 15 Hong Kong dollars?

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this budgeting & expense software.

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