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  • Date: Mar 09, 2014
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myOwn10-Key Download
Free Download myOwn10-Key 9.1

myOwn10-Key is a professional tape adding machine. It is an intelligent, planet and user friendly adding machine with the functions you expect from a mechanical model plus capabilities associated with a Windows environment. It can works with everything: Excel, Quicken, Money, Word, Wordperfect.

1. Master/derived values ... linked values which update automatically when the tape is changed
2. Biz Wizard ... popular business calculations for annuities, loans and depreciation
3. "Pick up where you left off" tapes previously saved to disk
4. Subtotal column on the tape
5. Notes on the tape that can be multi-line
6. Domestic and international value formats (9,999,999.99 and 9.999.999,99)
7. Editable tape and notes
8. Collapse mode for when screen space is at a premium
9. Captions to help document the purpose of tapes
10. Searching tape files based on filename, caption and/or notes
11. Memory arithmetic with any tape value, the In Box and the running subtotal
12. Printing tapes on any available printer and to text files (.txt and .rtf formats)
13. Porting tapes to any clipboard compatible application
14. One key sales tax closeout with user set percentage and tape notes
15. Automatic decimal point insertion
16. Optional adding machine sounds
17. Optional red negative numbers
18. Resizable window (in both expanded and collapsed modes)
19. Resizable tape columns
20. Selectable font sizes and font bold
21. One-time and locked repeating of In Box values
22. The Enter key acts as both a + and a subtotal key just like mechanical adding machines
23. Optional line and item numbers on the tape
24. Totally configurable tape printing options independent of displayed tape settings
25. No limit to the number of user named memories
26. Tapes are saved to disc in encrypted format to preserve tape integrity
27. Tapes opened from disc are audited and re-calculated
28. Tape files are backward compatible
29. All tape values are preserved as originally entered

myOwn10-Key is shipped with a few sample tapes to help you in getting acquainted with the program. The sample tapes are placed in a subfolder of the folder in which you install myOwn10-Key. This subfolder is called Sample Tapes and contains these files.
1. Balance Checkbook
A short, simple tape which you can use to balance your checking account against the account statement. Run two copies of myOwn10-Key for this task. Have the Balance Checkbook tape opened in one copy, and, use the other running copy of myOwn10-Key to do the needed arithmetic. Totals from the arithmetic can be easily copied to the Balance Checkbook tape for the balancing process. There are abundant notes on the tape to help guide you through the process.

2. Pay Bills
Make a copy of this sample tape whenever it's time to pay bills. Update the payment amounts to reflect your current bills. Then update your cash. Whether you are ahead or short is automatically updated with the Master/Derived values on the tape.

3. Estimate Net Pay
Use this tape to estimate your next paycheck if you are paid hourly. Turn on the Show Master/Derived option on the Functions menu to clearly see which numbers you change when figuring net pay.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $19.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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