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myBase is a versatile freeform database software that creates full-text searchable databases and organizes information in the tree-structured outline form, along with capabilities of capturing information from a variety of data sources such as texts, webpages, images, documents, spreadsheets, emails, and even arbitrary files etc. All information is compressed with the integrated zip utility and stored by a fast, stable database engine.
With WebCollect add-on, webpages can be captured and saved into myBase directly from IE and Firefox without having to first save as .HTML or .MHT files; With the HtmlTree plug-in, myBase databases or any sub branches can be converted into a set of webpages with a JS-based dynamic HTML Tree navigation frame, which can be then published on your website for sharing with others; With the free viewer program, myBase databases can be viewed without installing myBase, or selectively converted into standalone .exe databases that will run on 32-bit Windows without any preceding setup. myBase database files are also indexable by Google Desktop Search by installing the GDS plug-in on your system.
In addition, myBase has a lite version for Pocket PCs running Windows Mobile, and SDK for developers to develop myBase plug-in and add-on utilities. The default inbuilt plug-in DLL has already included a number of utilities
Key Features & Benefits
myBase Desktop 5 is a feature-rich and powerful personal information manager. Below is a simple list of key features and benefits that myBase Desktop 5 offers.
Well thought-out MDI User Interface (See screenshots)
Built on our Cross-platform Freeform Database Engine (Windows/Linux/FreeBSD/PocketPC)
Fast Load Speed, Fast Access, Low RAM Requirements
Large Database Support (2GB limit in file size for single database)
Adjustable Data Compression Level ( based on Zlib )
Optimization for Database File Size
Password-protection of Database and Info Item Branch
Attachments Support
Content Editing in both RTF and HTML
New nyf:// protocol scheme for browsing stored webpages in-place
Recycle Bin Support
Undeletion of info items and attachments
Revision History of RTF Notes
Webpage Capture and Clipboard Monitor
Items Links, Hyperlinks, Symbolic Links and File Shortcuts
Custom Labels and Custom Icons Support
Auto-save and Auto-backup
Notes Print and Preview
Drag-and-Drop and Cut-Copy-Paste
Import and Export Utilities
Index Engine and Advanced Search with Boolean Expression
Addons and Plugins Support
myBase SDK for developing addons/plugins
Plugin for Google Desktop Search
Free Database Viewer and Exe Database Creator
Dynamic HTML Tree Generator
Lite version for Pocket PC

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, you can free download and get a free trial.

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