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  • Date: Sep 02, 2009
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mst Defrag Home Edition Download
Free Download mst Defrag Home Edition 3.6 (x86)

Did you notice that your Windows XP is running slower and slower? Starting your system takes twice as long meanwhile? It lasts minutes until Word is up and running? Do you tired of using the disk defragment utility that come along with your operating system? The standard disk defragmenter in our operating system has only basic functions and the speed of it is very slow. Want to use a powerful and quick disk defragmenter? Ok, you are locky! Here I will commend an excellent disk defragment utilities to you. That is mst Defrag which was published by mst software. Following is the general introduction of this proactive drive defragmentation.

mst Defrag (Home Edition) is a proactive defragmentation software, that runs in the background and does not interrupt or disturb our work. It continues to monitor our disk(s) and automatically defragments them when the computer is idle, allowing us to avoid bottlenecks by maintaining maximum performance. mst Defrag is also available in network and server editions.

The key functions and benefits of mst Defrag include:

Available in four different editions, matching the respective special needs, mst Defrag is the world is first and only proactive defragmentation software. This is a technological jump start that relieves private users of routine tasks and pays off in both small and large companies by lowering their administrative costs and work. The proactive technology of mst Defrag guarantees maximum system performance not just in the moments after the defragmentation has just finished, but also thereafter. In doing so, mst Defrag neither interferes with our work, due to excessive use of our systems resources, nor does its configuration, installation and maintenance in a private or companywide networking environment create additional, unnecessary hassle.

To defragment our hard disk drives, we just need to install mst Defrag. Following installation, mst Defrag immediately starts analyzing the drives of the computer. Following the analysis, mst Defrag starts the initial defragmentation run. The integrated mst I/O Guard assures that for the defragmentation, only otherwise unused resources will be utilized. Other applications running will not be interfered with. As soon as the initial defragmentation is finished mst Defrag changes into the intelligent and proactive background mode. In this mode files that are written fragmented to the hard drive by the operating system will be defragmented automatically in the background by mst Defrag. Needless to say that this is done without obstructing other processes running on the same system and of course without putting the integrity of our files at risk.

mst Defrag is worldwide the first proactive defragmentation software. mst Defrag works completely in the background and does not interrupt or disturb the work of users. mst Defrag is a useful and well knowed defragmentation program.

Using mst Defrag, we can defragment drives of distant network computers as easy as local drives. Specialized client software for workstations and servers is available. Using the mst Defrag User Interface we control all options and analyze or defragment the hard disk drives of your local computer.

Additional functions of mst Defrag include: Optimal system start by considering Layout.ini; Includes mst Battery-Guard for Laptops/Notebooks; Configuration dialog and much more.

In addition, mst Defrag provides a free trial for us but only can be free used 15 days with full functions. It is standalone software and does not need any extra software and hardware requirement. mst Defrag does not contain any adware or spyware. It works with Win2000/XP/Vista only and its current version is 2.0. The price of the registration version is only $15.90 and we can get update and upgrade free. With all these features, simple interface, excellent usability, low cost and free trial period - why are you still reading? Download the free trial now and experience how powerful and effective it is at once!

Defragmentation made simple. mst Defrag works completely in the background and does not interrupt or disturb the work of users. You will have the maximum performance everytime, not only just after the defragmentation. mst Defrag is the only solution to eliminate performance bottlenecks and stability problems directly at their beginning.

mst Defrag offers the following advantages:
1. an intuitive graphical user interface
2. maximum system performance achieved by constantly defragmented files
3. simple installation procedure
4. network-enabled
5. different versions for home users, workstations and servers
6. very low memory utilization
7. very low free drive space requirements
8. very quick operation
9. total data safety insured by careful design and years of experience in software development
10. ClusterExplorer for analyzing the drive contents
11. Windows Vista compatibility
12. configuration Wizard
13. analyzed finished dialog with hints
14. defragmentation finished dialog with hints
15. command line tool
16. scheduling
17. graphical user interface (Vista-like style)
18. 3 defragmentation strategies for manual mode
19. boot time defragmentation
20. program configuration dialog
21. program update feature

Please Note: this download is for Windows 32bits (x86) OS, it can't work on Windows 64bits (x64) OS.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $15.90, you can free download and get a free trial.

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