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  • Date: Jan 28, 2013
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Free Download kJams Pro 1.0a01r17

kJams Pro works just like iTunes, but for Karaoke. kJams is a karaoke software jukebox for Mac OS X and Windows. It's just like iTunes, except there's also karaoke lyrics on the screen (or on the TV) that follow along with the song, showing you what to sing next. Kindof like "follow the bouncing ball".

kJams Pro Includes all the features of kJams Lite karaoke software, plus these powerful tools for Professional KJs:
1. export to any QuickTime format
2. multiple individual singers, each with personal playlists for tonight, favorites, history
3. manage multiple "venues" of singers
4. manage "rotation" smart playlist of singers
5. second video window
6. scripting
7. Web Server so Singers can log in using any web browser, to chose their songs and manage their lists
8. a native iPhone App for to access the web server

kJams Pro does everything that kJams Lite does, plus:
1. Venues: A venue is a location that has it's own set of singers. Mobile KJ's, when arriving at a particular venue, can simply switch kJams to that venue, and all the singers that frequent it will then be available.
2. Singers: Each singer get's their own "Tonight" playlist, as well as "Favorites" and "History". They can change the pitch or tempo for any song in any of their lists (and it will always be remembered).
3. Rotation: The Rotation list is built from singers who are marked "here" and who have items in their "Tonight" list. You can see how many times a singer has ever sung, or how many times they've sung a particular song.
4. Switchable Songs: Lets you quickly and easily pick a different song for a singer to sing, from that singer's "Tonight" list, and you do it right within the "KJ Rotation" playlist.
5. QuickTime Export Easily convert from CDG to any QuickTime format!
6. The Artwork panel can show a copy of what's playing in the video window (in case you can't see the video window)
7. Scripting lets you control all aspects of kJams using AppleScript
8. kJams Server: you can use any web browser (on any computer and OS, including the iPhone or blackbery) to get to the server.

Its just like iTunes, except theres also karaoke lyrics on the screen (or on the TV) that follow along with the song, showing you what to sing next. Kindof like "follow the bouncing ball".

* To rip and/or burn, youll need a compatible drive.
* For kJams:QuickTime 7.1 or better
* For Burning: To burn more than 3 songs you must already have purchased kJams Lite or Pro. Any Mac, and you may need PatchBurn. (You can test burning with a 2 song playlist using unregistered Lite or Pro and unregistered burning plugin, and you SHOULD.)
* For the Producer plugin, same requiremenst as for Burning
* An internet connection (at least temporarily) to the machine on which you plan to purchase and activate a license.

* Same as lite but:
* Cant add more than 3 singers
* Cant add more than 2 singers to the rotation
* Cant add more than 2 songs to a singers "Tonight" playlist
* Burning Plugin:
* Cant burn more than 2 songs on a disc. Note that even if you purchase the Burning plugin (by itself), in order to burn a disc with more than 3 songs you also must purchase either Lite or Pro, since the tryout version of the application limits the number of songs you can put in a playlist (see above under "Lite"), and you must create a playlist in order to burn your disc.
* Producer Plugin:
* Your songs will have red Xs in the lyrics of songs you burn to CD+G

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $110.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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