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  • Date: May 13, 2011
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MS Jet database schema export/SQL execution tool. This tool lets you dump MS Access/MS Jet database schema as an SQL file containing the commands needed to recreate the database from the scratch.
It also lets you execute those files, or any other SQL files, or SQL commands from keyboard.

jet <command> [params]

jet touch :: connect to database and quit
jet dump :: dump sql schema
jet exec :: parse sql from input
jet schema :: output internal jet schema reports

Connection params:
-c [connection-string] :: uses an ADO connection string. -dp is ignored
-dsn [data-source-name] :: uses an ODBC data source name
-f [file.mdb] :: opens a jet database file
-u [user]
-p [password]
-dp [database password]
-new :: works only with exec and filename
-force :: overwrite existing database (requires -new)
You cannot use -c with --comments when executing (dumping is fine). You can only use -new with -f.

Useful IO tricks:
-stdi [filename] :: sets standard input
-stdo [filename] :: sets standard output
-stde [filename] :: sets standard error console
These are only applied after the command-line parsing is over

What to include and whatnot for dumping:
--no-tables, --tables
--no-views, --views
--no-procedures, --procedures
--no-comments, --comments :: how comments are dumped depends on if private ext ensions are enabled
--no-drop, --drop :: "DROP" tables etc before creating

Works both for dumping and executing:
--no-private-extensions, --private-extensions :: disables dumping/parsing priv ate extensions (check help)

What to do with errors when executing:
--silent :: do not print anything (at all)
--verbose :: echo commands which are being executed
--ignore-errors :: continue on error
--stop-on-errors :: exit with error code
--crlf-break :: CR/LF ends command
With private extensions enabled, **WEAK** commands do not produce errors in any way (messages, stop).

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this database management software.

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