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jVoiceBridge Download
Free Download jVoiceBridge 0.55

jVoiceBridge is a Java application for mixing VoIP audio in conference calls. jVoiceBridge is a software-only audio mixer written in the Java Programming Language that handles Voice over IP (VoIP) audio communication and mixing for tasks such as conference calls, voice chat, speech detection, and audio for 3D virtual environments.
jVoiceBridge supports a range of voice qualities from telephone to CD-quality. In addition, it supports stereo audio and the ability for each individual connected to the bridge to have their own private voice mix. With jVoiceBridge youll get high quality audio and mixing capabilities, all in a single package.

jVoiceBridge is versatile software that can be used in multiple contexts.
1. Audio for 3D Virtual Environments
jVoiceBridge enhances 3D virtual environments such as Project Wonderland by providing individually adjustable audio channels for each live avatar and each in-world recorded sound source. Virtual world inhabitants experience life-like high-fidelity, stereo audio as they navigate through the environment.

In addition, jVoiceBridge provides the ability to add telephone support to virtual environments, mixing telephone audio with immersive in-world audio and providing a connection to a PBX or external telephone network through standard SIP communication channels.

2. Conference Calling
jVoiceBridge is a scalable, SIP-based platform for setting up and managing conference calls. Calls can either be entirely VoIP or combined with calls routed through a PBX. The voice bridge manages conferences, allowing members to join or leave the conference. It is responsible for receiving and mixing speech and sending the mix out to each member of the conference. Speech detection is done by the voice bridge so individual speakers can be identified easily. Additionally, each caller can have his or her private mix of the conference.

3. Integration with Enterprise Applications
jVoiceBridge can be used as a component to support telephony and audio features within enterprise applications. For example, jVoiceBridge can be used to add click calling to corporate directories or other web pages. It is also ideally suited to "web 2.0" style conference calling applications, such as the SunTM Labs Conference Manager.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this music mixer software.

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