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irrFuscator is an ActionScript 3 obfuscator. It can protect .SWF files as well as .AS and .MXML files. irrFuscator is available for the command line but also comes with a convenient GUI frontend. It is able to encrypt strings, strip whitespace, does nondeterministic obfuscation and automaticly detects references to external flex code.
The ActionScript 3 Byte Code (abc) in .swf files still contains a lot of symbols revealing how your program works and what it does, so it is very easy to reverse engineer or steal your code. irrFuscator can be used in two modes:
SWF Obfusction (Binary): protects an existing .swf file.
Flex Obfuscation (Source): reads in a directory of .as and .mxml files, processes them and puts them out into a target directory. Simply recompile the directory with the obfuscated files and your .swf files are a lot safer.

* Protect your SWF files
irrFuscator obfuscates the Actionscript 3 bytecode in Flash and Flex SWF files so that decompilers won't be able to extract your function, variable and constant names anymore.

* Protect your Flex projects
irrFuscator can read in a directory of .as and .mxml files, process them and put them out into a target directory. Simply recompile the directory with the obfuscated files and your .swf files are a lot safer.

* Obfuscate .MXML, .AS and .SWF files
Whenever you need to publish or give away your compiled SWF files or source code, be sure they are protected and won't be stolen.

Feature Overview
irrFuscators current features are:
* Obfuscation: It changes the names of functions, methods, constants, interfaces and classes using a deterministic or not deterministic naming scheme if wished. Unlike other basic source level obfuscators, irrFuscator will also rename your classes (and the files they are located in accordingly) in source mode.
* String encryption: Strings in your code are automatically encrypted if wished.
* Built-In flex call recognition: irrFuscator will not obfuscate calls to any of the flex libraries so your code will compile of course.
* Optional automatic stripping of code comments and/or whitespace: If you want to give away your source code, this option is very useful.
* Speed: irrFuscator is written in C++ and needs only about 10 seconds to obfuscate one megabyte of source code on a standard developer PC. For a binary .swf file, it usually needs less than one second.
* Tested: irrFuscator is used by huge flex based projects like the Darkness Springs Role Playing game which contains more than 100.000 lines of code.
* Obfuscation exceptions: If you need a symbol to be visible outside of your code or you are using dynamic classes, you can specify any symbol not to be obfusctated. In this way, irrFuscator can also be used with the flash development environment where you have a .fla file and several .as files. (irrfuscator will only obfuscate the .as files)

irrFuscator protects the Actionscript 3 source code of SWF and AIR applications by replacing symbols with obfuscated names. This is necessary for a lot of developers because their code gets reverse engineered and stolen above-average often in the flash area.
It is also quite useful when Flex developers need to send the uncompiled source code to a untrusted third party, that's why irrfuscator has a built-in whitspace and comment removal system.

Available Options
The following options are available currently in the tool:

Additionally, there are some options to specify symbols to ignore, useful when using a lot of dynamic variable access in the code or external libraries:

Command Line Tool
irrFuscator comes with a full command line tool, which can be easily integrated into IDE build environments such as Flex Builder as preprocessing step, using scripts, ant, makefiles or similar:

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is EUR69.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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