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iScreensaver is the only single-machine solution that creates OpenGL, QuickTime, or Flash screensavers for Macintosh and Windows.

Our authoring software works on both Macintosh and PC computers and either version will create screensavers for both platforms. Edit once! Deploy many!

1. Popular Compatibility:
Works on Windows XP, Vista, and 7, and Mac OS X 10.4 to 10.6. System Requirements. In addition, the Ultimate version 4 license includes a free version 3.5 license for use with legacy systems.

2. Simple Install:
Creates full-featured installer (with uninstaller) for Mac and Windows. Screensavers can be previewed before installing and can be used immediately without restarting.

3. OpenGL Animations: [New for 4]
Add real-time OpenGL animations to images.

4. Mixedmedia Screensavers: [New for 4]
Sequence Images, SWF, Audio and QuickTime movies in any order.

5. Adobe Flash CS4 compatibility: [New for 4]
Import your Flash 10 SWF files including ActionScript 3.0.

6. Text Captions: [New for 4]
Add translucent text overlays with per-character style formatting options.

7. Image Overlays: [New for 4]
Add floating images with transparency.

8. Big Sequence Support: [New for 4]
Include hundreds or even thousands of images. Individual files and built Installers can be over 2GB in size.

9. 64-bit Support: [New for 4]
Edit screensavers and deploy on 32 and 64-bit versions of Mac OS X and Windows.

10. Multiple Audio Tracks: [New for 4]
Include a background audio soundtrack sequence that runs independently from the foreground video sequence.

11. Alternate Content and Unlocking Features:
Users can obtain a special unlocking key to gain access to deluxe content.

12. Individualized Keys: [New for 4]
Custom keys for unlocking codes available per-user or per-project.

13. Heads Up Display: [New for 4]
Simple on-screen transport controls for authors and end users.

14. Realtime Go-To Chooser: [New for 4]
Instantly jump to any asset from within the screensaver.

15. Password Protection:
Works with all standard security measures under Mac and Windows.

16. Screen Resolution:
Images and movies can be stretched propotionally or to fit screen size, or kept at actual size.

17. Live Preview During Installation:
Preview the screensaver in operation, before you have installed it!

18. Easy Uninstall:
You can deactivate and remove the software from within the screensaver itself, and in Windows, with simple links to 'Add/Remove Programs'.

19. Multiple Monitor Support:
Blanks all other monitors under Windows, allows multiple monitor playback on Mac.

20. Audio Controls:
Set Volume and Mute from either the Control Panel or the Heads-Up-Display.

21. Wake Options:
Choose to wake on mouse movement or keypress.

22. Website Connectivity:
"Link Back" so your screensaver users can easily find your website

* Watermark on the output file.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $250.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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