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iPhile Download
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iPhile is a simple tool running in your system tray. It maps any iOS device's (i.e. iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) filesystem into Windows Explorer using Manzana.dll and Dokan (and its .NET binding).

Start iPhile and it will create an icon in your system tray (next to the clock in your screen's lower right corner). Right-click it and a menu will open. You will see all connected devices and will have the possibility to mount or dismount them.
iPhile will save your devices' UDIDs and the drive letters they were mapped to in a file called "PreferredMountPoints.ini" in its directory. This is done so that your devices can be mapped to the same mount point every time iPhile starts and therefore promotes your convenience.

After your devices are mounted, you can access them through Windows Explorer and other apps and read and write files.
If your device is not jailbroken, you will only have access to your device's Media partition. Windows Explorer will not show the correct capacity of your device. (Typically 600-1000 MiB less than expected)

If it is jailbroken, iPhile will connect to your phone's afc2 service. This allows you to access the device's root partition. Additionally, iPhile will establish a connection to your device's media partition using afc to determine correct capacity values.

If you dismount a device or quit iPhile, your device(s) will not be mapped into Windows Explorer any longer.

Please do not quit iPhile using Task Manager or by using a method other than iPhile's context menu's "Exit" command or Windows Explorer will show a "ghost" device. This "ghost" device will not have any function but blocking a drive letter. Those devices will be shown in Windows Explorer until you reboot your computer or remove them using DriveUnmounter.

* Dokan

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this ipod software.

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