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  • Date: Apr 14, 2010
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3D morphological software for porous media analysis, microstructure analysis made easy. iMorph is a cross platform 3D image analysis software. It permits the morphological characterization of porous media and more precisely cellular materials.

The first step of the analysis is a macroscopical characterization of the different phases. It allows porosity, tortuosity, and specific surface measurement. The anisotropy is also quantified at the sample scale.

In a second step the software gives a morphological study at the pore scale. Automatic methods for cell extraction give access to shape analysis, classification and orientation. Moreover it permits a local voxel classification in order to identify local shape such as shell, plates and rods.

Finally the software gives topological description by generating the graphs of both solid and fluid phase.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this 3d graphic software.

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