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  • Date: Jun 23, 2017
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iClone is a real-time animation evolves with 3D Video FX, motion paths, HDR and rapid drag & drop creation inside iClone4. iClone4 introduces new features that combine video production with 3D real-time animation. The result is a powerful production tool for motion graphics, 3D animation and video compositing.

The new power of 3D animation is iClone from Reallusion. Create talking 3D characters from any photo and 3D scenes including props, outfits and motions. Quickly create, customize and animate personalized 3D characters with faces from any digital photo or image. Create a total 3D environment with fully animated 3D talking characters and 3D scenes complete with custom props, scenery, outfits and motions.

iClone allows you to create fully animated 3D characters of yourself or friends, by using a digital photo to import the face, and incorporate it into a 3D avatar. The process is easy and uses a WYSIWYG interface that allows you to incorporate and optimize the face, and design the character from a gallery of template items. The results can be exported as AVI, GIF animation or other image formats. iClone also includes an Export Wizard, that allows you to export the character as desktops, greetings cards, email signatures and other items, however this wizard is not available during the trial.

iClone 2 advances the technology of storytelling, introducing entirely new features designed to enhance both film creation and viewing. G2 (Second Generation) characters with 'Clone Cloth' provide natural character movement and creative custom actor clothing and fashions. Command control of Particle SFX with over 40 presets and Special EFX editor provides custom special effects. LivePlants add natural movement for forests and trees, grass, and flowers, providing natural movement, providing professional level productivity tools for iClone users, and a fresh filmmaking experience.
Filmmakers can now direct dynamic films in real-time, allowing anyone to 'cast a movie' with customized avatars, build custom sets, arrange prop placement, control lighting, camera animation, and more. iClone 2 lets you film your scenes inside a fully functioning video studio that evolves with the needs of your production.
Simplified timeline control gives users easy access to scene composition and directing with a 'what-you-see-is-what-you-get' real-time camera view and key-frame assignment.

iClone Key Features:
Actor Creation
* G2 Avatar (Generation 2) adds 2 select characters (Jack Essential Male and Jane Essential Female) from the 9 newly announced customizable body styles to the creative casting options featuring enhanced bone system and character rigging for smooth realistic character motion and poses
* Generate photo-realistic 3D head models for actors using photos & images Easy face fitting wizard for actor face generation ready for facial animation
* 3D avatar face shaping and customization tools

Actor Customization & Performance
* Clone Cloth introduces powerfully simplified custom clothing creation for iClone G2 clone cloth characters using images to shape and decorate custom designs
* Export Clone cloth textures to share and sell custom clothing as texture packs
* Anti-foot sliding increases motion accuracy when added to animated avatars
* Personalize the look, character, body scale, hairstyle, hand gesture, dress, accessories and texture
* Apply life-like motion capture animation for body language, dance and natural human movement
* Simplified Facial Animation compatible with CrazyTalk
* Music Sync - automatically sync motion to music rhythm

Building Scenes and Sets
* LivePlants real-time foliage 3D scenes add natural moving trees, grass, and flowers with swaying wind effect
* Interface for adding dynamic lighting, shadows & self-casting shadow
* Load custom 2D/3D Scene for static or animated camera environment
* 3D Props & LiveProps with clip motion animation
* 3D Blocks & Billboards construct quick scenes
* Multiple texture editor
* Texture library for texturing 3D blocks, Props, Characters and Accessories
* Texture UV unwrapping and animation
* Import models and 3D text from Effect3D Studio

Filming and Directing Movies
* Real-time Visual Special Effects engine adds environmental, supernatural, and fully customizable special effects to any scene featuring rain, fire, smoke, afterburner, blood, water and more
* Render special effects as in-scene elements or as stand-alone video with alpha channel settings optimized for inclusion with layered post video projects
* Directing with the Timeline key frame animation controls
* Motion Editor - creativity to build unlimited custom motion data or enhance existing motion files (Studio Edition only)
* Camera controls & animation
* Hand gestures
* Multiple Character selection and management tool
* Area rendering preview selection tool
* Preview window markers and looping

* G2 Clone Cloth - Custom clothing design using images
* Real-time Texture Editing
* 3D Blocks and custom texture library
* Customize 3D Surfaces and Billboards

* Real-time SFX creation with preset and custom Particle SFX & Fog
* Particle SFX positioning and interactivity with objects
* Character visuals enhanced with Particle SFX
* SFX Rendering and instant real-time preview

Rendering & Output
* High speed rendering delivers real-time scene footage as video output with fast performance
* HD Video resolution output for rendering optimized HD quality animation for 720p and 1080i video files
* Real-time rendering engine for preview of effects and hardware rendering
* Quick shader and Fine shader for real-time adjustment of detail
* Full-Screen DVD video quality output
* Custom size video output
* WMV (Streaming Media), AVI, and RM (RealMedia)
* TGA, BMP image sequence
* Mobile 3GP, MMS, and Wallpaper
* Real-time 3D movie player

Developer Tools & Plug-ins
* 3D STUDIO Max plug-in
* Create 3D avatars, 3D scenes, accessories, and 3D props for iClone
* Sell your creative 3D content in the CCD program
* Whitepaper documentation for building custom iClone 3D avatars

Production Environment Drag and drop fast editing
* In-screen object editing
* Advanced Timeline animation

Casting & Actor Style Customizable actor and style
* Body transformation and facial deformation
* CloneCloth for costume design

Motion & Interactivity In-screen motion editing
* 3D facial puppeteering
* Interactivity between actors and objects

Prop & Scene Set design with 3D blocks and material balls
* Customizable scene and atmosphere
* Build a stage with terrain, sky, live plants

Camera & Lighting Camera animation with DOF, lens effects
* Directional light, point light, spotlight
* HDR and IBL lighting effects

Special Effects Material effects with 7 texture channels
* Spring and Flying Surface
* Customizable particle FX system

Path Animation Path node creation and template
* Path editing with speed, orientation and curve
* Transition curve

popVideo & Layering Bring live actors into iClone
* Support any video with alpha channel
* popVideo for live actors, video FX, and titling

3D Video FX Place video in any surface of a 3D object
* Video texturing and blending effects
* Video for wall, cylinder, crystal ball

Instant Virtual Set Live actor and virtual scene
* Actor interaction with virtual set
* Actor interaction with virtual character

HDR Video Effects Blooming and exposure effects
* Numerous glare effects for video
* HDR transition and filtering

Advanced Timeline Editor (PRO Only) Collapsible and dockable Timeline
* Character control with multiple tracks
* Keyframe animation and blend

Rendering & Output Multiple preview shader selection
* Flexible output: AVI, WMV, Flash, MPEG-4
* High speed rendering

BackStage Free preview add-on models and motions
* Online access and inventory
* Easy search and preview

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $199.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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