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  • Date: Oct 08, 2009
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iBrickr is one easy iPhone ringtone / app management for Windows by natetrue Classically it has been hard for Windows users to modify their iPhones. Mac users get all the cool applications like iFuntastic and such. No more of that! iBrickr is the Windows application that makes it dead simple to modify your iPhone, add and manage custom ringtones, and install third-party applications.

For now iBrickr isn't terribly useful. It was designed with the 1.0.2 firmware in mind. If you want ringtones on your iPhone, check out iPhone Ringtone Maker (Ringtone Expressions), which works great even with 1.1.3 iPhones. It's put out by a friend of mine, and it works great. Totally worth the money.

Newer iPhone firmwares are NOT compatible with iBrickr. If you try to use iBrickr and your phone starts scrolling crazy text and resetting, use these steps to fix it:
- Restart your computer.
- Plug the iPhone in to USB on a computer with iTunes installed.
- Press and hold the Power and Home buttons until the iPhone asks to be connected to iTunes.
- Use iTunes to restore your phone.
- Do not use iBrickr any more, use iPhone Ringtone Maker for custom ringtones or ZiPhone for general jailbreaking and Installer.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this ipod software.

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