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  • Date: Mar 17, 2006
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hkSFV Download
Free Download hkSFV 2.0.1 build 84

HkSFV uses CRC-32 and MD5 technology to validate the integrity of files that you have downloaded or moved through a potentially unstable medium (burnt to CD, transferred over the Internet/LAN). HkSFV can verify your files in seconds, saving you time and worry. Compatible with Win-SFV and md5sum.
hkSFV is the simply the easiest and most automatic application to create or check SFV and MD5 files.
What is an .SFV -- An .SFV file is a tiny list of files and CRCs, which allow you to check to see if the files you have downloaded are exactly what you are expecting. The CRC algorithm used in .SFV files allows you to see if the file you have has been changed, even a single byte, since the .SFV file was created.
What is an .MD5? -- In a sense, .MD5 did not exist until now, as md5sum is a popular Unix format similar to .SFV and Unix does not use file extensions the way Windows based systems do. .MD5 uses the md5 algorithm to compute its checksums, rather than the crc32 method used by .SFV. The md5 algorithm is almost as fast as crc32, but it is much more accurate at detecting changes in files.
If you need to ensure that your data or data you download is error free, this program is for you.
If you've got an .SFV or .MD5 file, this is the program for you.
If you'd like to create an .SFV or .MD5 file, this is the program for you.
* Easy installation and automatic uninstallation. (leaves no trace in the registry, even goes one step further than most programs and restores previous file associations when you remove it)
* One-click creation and checking of .SFV's and .MD5's
* Flawless & smooth upgrading to new versions (simply install the new version)
* Automatic association with .SFV files, and an option to fix file association when other programs steal it
* Handles .SFV and .MD5 files from any other program invisibly (including files created on *nix)
* Database / cache of previously checked files
* Batch .SFV and .MD5 checking! - queue up and check many .SFV's and .MD5's in one pass, specify a directory and check all the .SFV's and .MD5's in that directory (including subdirectories, if you want)
* Automatically find renamed files while checking .SFV or .MD5 files
* Enqueue .SFV's or .MD5's during file verification
* Recursive directory support during creation and verification
* Supports creation of .bad and .missing files, or deleting failed files
* Drag and drop .SFV or .MD5 file or directory to create/check .SFV or .MD5
* Explorer Info Tooltip

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this file compare software.

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