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gtk-gnutella Download
Free Download gtk-gnutella 1.2.1

gtk-gnutella is a GTK+ Gnutella client, efficient, reliable and fast, written in C. It has been optimized for speed and scalability, with low-memory consumption. It is meant to be left running 24x7, using little CPU and only the configured bandwidth.

Gnutella is a decentralized Peer to Peer information exchanging network. At the moment you can publish and download files of any kind using the Gnutella network. For more information, visit the Wikipedia definition of Gnutella or the definition of gnutella on the infoAnarchy wiki.

Users often refer to gtk-gnutella as GTKG or gtkg (because it's shorter). GTK comes from GTK+ which is the graphical toolkit used by gtk-gnutella.

gtk-gnutella needs to receive an incoming connection to determine if you can be reached from the outside. Until then, it's assumed that there's a firewall which blocks the configured listening TCP port. If you want to speed up the detection, use a web browser, telnet or similar and connect to the listening port from the outside. If the connection is refused or dropped, then you are very probably really unreachable due to a firewall which blocks the port, a misconfigured NAT or similar. You might want to try a different listening TCP port because some ISPs block the default Gnutella port (6346).

You don't need to forward any ports for gtk-gnutella to work, but it will perform much better if you do. If gtk-gnutella thinks you are firewalled, it will not show any "push" results since you wouldn't be able to download those anyway.

* GTK+

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this file sharing software.

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