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  • Date: Jun 09, 2011
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fat_imgen is a utility you can use to create and modify FAT12 floppy images with. FAT or the File Allocation Table is a computer file system architecture that is widely used on computer systems and memory cards.

1. Create FAT12 floppy images.
2. Add files to existing FAT12 floppy images.
3. Extract files from FAT12 floppy images.
4. Create a standard FAT12 boot sector.

Usage: fat_imgen -c [-F] -f IMG-FILE [-i FILE [-n FILENAME]] [-s FILE]
or: fat_imgen -m -f IMG-FILE -s FILE
or: fat_imgen -m -f IMG-FILE -i FILE [-n FILENAME]
or: fat_imgen -m -f IMG-FILE -i FILE [-n FILENAME] -s FILE
or: fat_imgen -e [-F] -f IMG-FILE
or: fat_imgen -e [-F] -f IMG-FILE [-o FILE] -x FILE
or: fat_imgen -b [-F] [-o FILE]

Main operation mode:
-c Create an image.
-m Modify an image.
-e Extract files from an image.
-b Create a standard FAT12 boot sector. (Without -o, defaults to `bootsect.bin'.)

File selection:
-f IMG-FILE Use IMG-FILE as the image file.
-s FILE Use FILE as boot sector in the image.
-i FILE Insert FILE into the image.
-n FILENAME Use FILENAME as the filename of the inserted file.
-x FILE Extract FILE from the image.
-o FILE Write output to FILE.

Generic modifiers:
-F Overwrite the output file (e.g. image, boot sector).

Informative output:
--help Display this information.
--version Display version information.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this disk management software.

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