fURI (Find Uniform Resource Identifier)

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  • Date: May 10, 2012
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fURI (Find Uniform Resource Identifier) Download
Free Download fURI (Find Uniform Resource Identifier) 1.0.1

Quickly and easily find files or text on web pages/FTP servers/PCs. fURI - Find Uniform Resource Identifier(s) - is designed to make it quick and easy to find files and information stored on your own computer, and out on different sources on the Internet.

Given a few simple instructions, fURI can automatically gather together a complete list of all of the music, movie, picture, program or other files it finds on web pages or FTP servers.

fURI can also search text documents and web pages for useful information when supplied with a group of key words to look for - either on the Internet, or your personal computer.

fURI Features:
1. Search for files - locating, for example musicExample: mp3 searchingGet a list of all of the songs available to download from a band site, or the tracks published by members of a social networking website., movie, program, or imageExample: Photo searchFind links to all of the images published by a photographer on a website showcasing artist portfolios.files (or filesExample: FTP serversScan all of the folders on a FTP server for updates to a software application, the archived back issues of an electronic magazine, all parts of a segmented download or the latest maps and mods for a computer game.of any type). Alternatively, search for one or more named files, recording any which match (exactly or in part) against a list of supplied names

2. Look for documents containing passages of textExample: Text filesGet links to all of the examples, book chapters, slides and other materials that accompany a multi-part online tutorial.related to one or more search topics, returning results as a selection of 'snippets' containing highlights of the most relevantExample: Topic search Use the text search function to track down web pages or files on your computer that contain details about a topic of interest - excerpts from Wikipedia articles, or all text files in My Documents that mention Tax Returns, for example.text

3. Index (create an itemized list of) all of the content bearing (most meaningful) words that exist within the body of one or a group of web pages or text documents (with optional word stemming)

4. Stop and start running searches at any time, continuing the same search after a brief delay, or restarting a saved search at any point in the future

5. Upon search completion, fURI displays a results page with Internet links to every file and information resource that its discovered. Using built-in tools, change the visual formatting of the page - and the mark-up language it's presented in with a single-click action.
6. This makes sharing your search results straightforward and flexible, with the option to save them as a standard web page, XML document, or in one of several popular web forum languages (BBCodes for phpBB, vBulletin and others, ezCode for ezBoard, Forum Code for Snitz, and YABBC for YaBB and SMF)

7. Optionally generate a complete databaseExample: Bespoke search engineCreate a search engine database containing the text of all file or web pages visited during a search.schema, and populate it with values taken from the results of any search. This could be used as the basis for a file or text information search engine - the application will automatically create all necessary SQL instructions in Oracle or MySQL language dialects

8. fURI records a response codeExample: Broken linksTrace web server response codes through the search result file to find broken links and missing or unresponsive web pages.for each web page it encounters, making it possible to track down common problems for website visitors where server errors occur

9. Can be set to record other specific details, such as any email addresses it finds, or whether a particular page was ignored on the basis of Robot or meta-tag filters that you may have selected to apply

10. Set rules, such as a group of letters or numbers that every web page address should contain, begin, or end with, and store a list of any passwords that fURI might need to supply if it comes across protected web pages

11. 'Mimic' a range of web browsing software applications, to ensure it receives tailored content targeted at different platforms. Also a blacklist feature to exclude pages from any domains you don't want it to visit

12. Supports HTTP, FTP and SOCKS proxy servers (with automatic password discovery), and Passive Mode transfer for FTP, so you can run searches easily from behind a firewall

13. Run graphically or as a console application

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this web search tool software.

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