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eTaskMaker is a system designed to allow planners to develop high quality scope definitions (including tasks, durations, resources and schedule logic) for just about any scheduling software. This system is comprised of two separate software programs, the estimating wizard (called just eTaskMaker and the module editor (called eTaskMaker Module Editor). You do not need the module editor in order to use the estimating wizard, but you do need it to modify or develop new estimating modules.

1. eTaskMaker (estimating wizard)
The estimating wizard allows you to select any predefined eTaskMaker module, and answer a series of simple questions (multiple choice or quantities). Based upon your answers, an estimate is automatically built. You may then define a resource mapping and export the estimate to any of the supported scheduling software programs.

2. eTaskMaker Module Editor
The module editor allows you to modify or create estimating modules for use with the estimating wizard. It employs an intuitive flowcharting mechanism to define the module structure. It also includes facilities for editing the default schedule logic, resource assignments, help text and digital images.

Use of the eTaskMaker system provides you with the following benefits:
1. Improve productivity
2. Generate estimates in a fraction of the time it would take manually
3. Dynamic scope generation allows estimation of repetitive scopes easily without having to continually edit/modify "templates"
4. Estimate once, export to multiple platforms (CMMS, Project Manager, Excel, etc)
5. Improve quality
6. Generates highly detailed estimates
7. Instantly add credibility to inexperienced planners
8. Standardize estimates for all planners in your organization
9. Never again forget important steps
10. Globally scale estimates for regional differences that affect productivity
11. Capture your company's knowledge base
12. Secure your personnel's experience and expertise into eTaskMaker modules before they retire
13. Transfer your company's existing static "templates" into dynamic eTaskmaker modules
14. Lowest cost access to new knowledge
15. Train new planners quickly and easily
16. Develop quality estimates for processes/equipment beyond your personnel's current experience using modules developed by experienced planners
17. Access third party estimating modules for new or specialized processes / equipment
18. New revenue opportunities
19. Develop your own modules for sale or lease
20. Develop modules as a service for others

This demonstration version is provided for the purpose of allowing the end user to see how the software works. It is fully function with the exception of only working with the supplied DEMO.ETM demonstration module. The complete set of production estimating modules are distributed with licensed versions of eTaskMaker.

To use this demonstration version of eTaskMaker, enter DEMO as the user name when prompted. When you are prompted to find eTMME.RES the very first time you run the demo, click the Cancel button.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, you can free download and get a free trial.

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