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  • Date: Apr 26, 2008
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Do you often have a chat with your friends over the Internet with your habitual instant messenger such as MSN, AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ or IRC, etc However, do you know that you can do the same thing on your LAN in your office or home Yes, you can, as long as you have a LAN messenger! With a LAN messenger you can chat each other with your friends without an Internet connection as long as you and your friends or colleague on the same LAN. Following is a popular and excellent LAN chatting tool I will recommend to you. That is ePigeon Instant Messaging which was published by Tech-Noel,Inc. Below is the detailed introduction of this LAN messenger. Want to know how powerful and useful it is Let's go now!

ePigeon Instant Messaging is a fast, comprehensive, discreet and cost-effective local area network (LAN) instant messaging system for Windows! It enables us to send messages, warnings, alerts or alarms to remote clients. Messages are displayed in a scrolling banner designed not to be intrusive fro the addressee. Therefore, an employee busy on the phone to a client or working on his computer will not be hampered by any message received. Messages scroll in a specifically chosen area of the screen, and will scroll permanently until it has been read. Each message can be sent out with configurable levels of importance. By default, the system is shipped with four adjustable levels: MESSAGE, WARNING, ALERT and ALARM. ePigeon Instant Messaging includes a full range of tools necessary to communicate effectively. The full system consists of an ePigeon Server, several ePigeon Clients with the ability to receive and/or send messages, along with a number of ePigeon NT Generators on option, to compose messages from third party applications. An ActiveX control is also available to integrate message creation directly from your custom applications.

The key functions and advantages of ePigeon Instant Messaging include:

ePigeon Instant Messaging is very user-friendly: messages are displayed in a scrolling banner which uses approximately half the width of a monitor screen. The height of this banner depends on the font size being used. Once a message has been read, the user clicks on "OK", and there we have it!

We can generate new messages directly from the ePigeon Instant Messaging. Give our message a title to help identify it, type in our text, enter the addressees and, if necessary, select a document to send as an attachment. Messages are created using default properties, but we can change these properties to suit our own needs.

It is easy to target users with ePigeon Instant Messaging. Just click on the buttons next to the "Recipients" field to access the various lists. Make our choice by using these lists. We can choose from several lists, or we can enter the information directly into the "Recipients" field. The lists available are your personal groups, the ePigeon Instant Messaging groups, domain groups, users and computers.

We can set the time and date when a message will be displayed, or will be available for display. We can choose to display the message at intervals of 1 to 100 minutes, hours, days, months or years - or at each log-on. Set an expiry date after which the message will no longer be displayed.

We can customize our ePigeon Instant Messaging by using a user-friendly options interface: we can choose the scrolling speed of the banner, the character font used in the scrolling message, the position of the scrolling banner on the screen and the language used in the program interfaces.

Different types of messages can be defined and configured to suit our needs. Upon installation, ePigeon Instant Messaging has four basic default message types that can be modified. Among the adjustable properties, we have control over colors, sound and the type of user able to use the type of message.

The ePigeon Instant Messaging server lies at the heart of the ePigeon Instant Messaging system. Each module is connected to it. It is the server that manages connections, the central database and the universal policies. It runs as a service under Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003. It runs as a service emulation with Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows ME. It boasts a robust and simple configuration.

The ePigeon NT Generator is a command line utility that enables us to create new messages from any machine in your local area network (LAN). With this ePigeon NT Generator, we can create a new message, resubmit an existing message, cancel a message being displayed or create a new message from an existing shared template!

A Unix version of ePigeon Instant Messaging is also available for Unix processes to generate new messages. The Unix version works from the command line only.

An ActiveX component is available free of charge to integrate ePigeon Instant Messaging within our custom ActiveX capable applications. The ActiveX is delivered as both the OCX control and the DLL library.

Do you want to have a chat on your LAN freely Why not download ePigeon Instant Messaging and try it yourself now!

ePigeon Instant Messaging is a server based network messenger that displays messages in an unobtrusive scrolling banner on the client desktop. It supports different message levels (e.g warning, alert, notification etc.) with customizable color schemes and optional audio notification. You can send messages to individual users, groups or IP ranges, and also distribute documents or installation packages as attachments. Messages can be sent immediately or delayed, and also repeated on a regular basis. The ePigeon Instant Messaging runs as a Windows service.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $99.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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