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  • Date: Jul 30, 2020
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    Network Utility
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eMule MET Viewer shows and exports various information from the eMule "known.met" file. The data can be exported in a CSV file which can be opened e.g. in Microsoft Excel.

The supported data fields are:
1. Filename
The filename of the file on the KAD network.

2. File Size
The total file size of the file (in bytes).

3. Temporary Filename
The filenname of the local .part file.

4. Last Written (UTC)
The time when the file was last written or fully downloaded.

5. Last Posted (UTC)
The time when the file was posted or should be reposted on the KAD network.

6. Last Shared (UTC)
The time when the file was last shared.

7. Requests Total
Number of total requests from other users in the KAD network.

8. Requests Accepted
Number of accepted requests from other users in the KAD network.

9. Bytes Uploaded
Number of bytes downloaded by other users in the KAD network.

10. Upload Priority
Priority of the upload. eMule sets this value to "Auto" by default. The priority can be changed by the user manually.

11. Artist
The name of the artist (for media files).

12. Album
The name of the album (for media files).

13. Title
The name of the title (for media files).

14. Length (sec)
The length of the media file in seconds.

15. Bitrate
The bitrate of the media file.

16. Codec
The codec of the media file.

17. File Type
The file type of the file, e.g. "Image", "Video" or "Doc".

18. File Hash
The eD2K hash value of the original file.

Please note that not all "known.met" files contains all above informations.

* NET Framework

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this network utility software.

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