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  • Date: Aug 17, 2010
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    Contact Management
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Build contacts list directly from emails and export to csv. eMail Contact Manager has been developed to help you import email contacts, extract customer information and manage details about your customers in a safe and simple manner while providing powerful functionality to help you import, update and maintain the accuracy of the information quickly and efficiently.

The intention behind eCM is to free the user from the arduous task of copying and pasting or otherwise manually updating customer details received via email, with all information remaining on the users computer, safeguarding the customer database from third a customer database is arguably the most important asset a business maintains.

The software is able to import emails and extract information directly from a POP3 Email Server, Microsoft Outlook Inbox, or csv and xml files. The user can automatically track contact status changes, extract user definable information, and use other powerful functionality to maintain or export the information for you to be able to further manipulate and sort the information using standard office tools (e.g. Microsoft Excel ).

eCM gives you the ability to collect any information you require about your contacts, and makes it easy to not only collect, but update and maintain the information. Features such as the ability to create, manipulate, import and export information any way you want it, means you have the power to really control your marketing and collect the information you need in order to analyze and understand your target groups while automated tracking of status changes means you have immediate feedback about the performance statistics such as the average number of days customers remain on your mailing list.

eMail Contact Manager Features:
1. Parse email messages (extract details).
2. Import emails directly from a POP3 account or Microsoft Outlook .
3. Import & export csv and xml files.
4. Email address validation.
5. Edit, re-arrange and sort with ease.
6. Combine and separate lists easily.
7. Manage unsubscribers efficiently.
8. Relevant metrics at a glance.
9. Contacts list's remain private.
10. Clean-up poor data in seconds.

* Save and export functionality disabled

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $197.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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