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In eDreams each dream entry comprises a date (when you had the dream), a piece of text (the contents of the dream, or a summary) and the tags, which are the core of the application.
The entries are saved in plain text XML format. Each file is called a "database". You can easily create a new database, or open an already existing database, by using the File menu.

1. Tags and child tags
Tags are a way of categorizing items by giving them a property (the tag) that will be shared by items that have a similar property. For example, imagine that you dream a lot about your friends and you wish to look up how many times, or in which dreams, your friends appeared. Well, first of all you need to find certain patterns, such as dreaming about friends, or dreams that take place at night, or in another country, what will become a tag.

2. The tag creator
One problem about tags is that, as their number grows, you may forget the exact words and thus create two similar tags that were supposed to be the same. This has happened to me often, when I have used either "animal" or "animals" to describe dreams about animals.

3. Searches
Another useful feature is the search engine. It has three search methods. Text, tags and date.

4. Statistics
The statistics window (Entries menu -> statistics, or Control + L) will display all the tags sorted by the number of times they have appeared, as well as which percentage over all your dream entries the tag represents. You can also see the ratio of dream entries/number of days, that is, how many dreams you have every day on average.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this journal software.

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