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dvisvgm Download
Free Download dvisvgm 1.3

dvisvgm can help you to ease your work with LaTeX files. The command-line utility dvisvgm converts DVI files, as generated by TeX/LaTeX, to the XML-based scalable vector graphics format SVG. Since the current SVG standard 1.1 doesn't specify multi-page graphics, dvisvgm creates separate SVG files for each DVI page. Because of compatibility reasons, only the first page is converted by default. In order to select a different page or arbitrary page sequences, use option -p which is described below.

dvisvgm should properly convert all pages that are made up of fonts and rules only. However, the utility also supports a couple of DVI extensions defined in terms of DVI specials. For a more detailed overview, see section support of specials below.

As SVG is a vector based graphics format, dvisvgm tries to convert the glyph outlines of all used fonts into scalable path descriptions. The fastest way to do that is to extract the path information from PFB (PostScript Type 1) files. So, if dvisvgm is able to find a PFB file for a required font, it will read the necessary information from it.

TeX's main source for font descriptions is Metafont though, which produces bitmap output. That's why not all obtainable TeX fonts are available in PFB format. In these cases dvisvgm tries to vectorize Metafont's output (GF fonts) by tracing the glyph bitmaps. The results are not as perfect as most (manually optimized) PFB outlines but are nonetheless really nice in most cases.

dvisvgm Features:
1. Complete font support including virtual fonts, evaluation of font encodings and font maps.
2. Glyph outlines of all used fonts get embedded into the generated SVG file (corresponding PFB files must be installed).
3. Glyph outlines of fonts that are not available as PFB (PostScript Type 1) files are generated by tracing METAFONT's bitmap output of that font.
4. Optionally replaces font elements by paths so that applications without SVG font support are enabled to render dvisvgm's output properly.
5. Optionally creates compressed SVGZ files.
6. Options for applying page transformations, like translation, rotation, scaling and skewing, are provided.
7. Evaluation of color, emTeX, tpic and PostScript specials.
8. The converter was successfully tested on various Linux (teTeX, TeX Live) and Windows (MiKTeX 2.7/2.8) systems.

Please Note: this download is dvisvgm for Windows, precompiled binary for Win32 and MiKTeX 2.7/2.8.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this graphing software.

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