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This programmer's tool provides a standalone gui version of Microsoft's dumpbin tool, and a context menu handler to run it from the shell.

The Microsoft COFF Binary File Dumper (DUMPBIN.EXE) displays information about 32-bit Common Object File Format (COFF) binary files. This is a gui for (DUMPBIN.EXE).
You can start dumpbinGUI from the command line, or from the Start menu, or from dumpbinCMH. If you start dumpbinGUI from the command line, you can specify additional arguments documented for dumpbin.
Once dumpbinGUI is started, you can load binary files by selecting them in the File | Open dialog, or by dragging them from the Shell (Windows Explorer, the Desktop, etc.). All of dumpbins flags can be selected from dumpbinGUIs View menu.
Like dumpbin, dumpbinGUI must find MSVCs link.exe tool at runtime. If you see a linkage error, you might have to add the tools directory to your PATH.
dumpbinCMH is a shell context menu handler that invokes dumpbinGUI for associated file types. The context menu handler is initially registered for .exe, .dll, .ocx, .lib, and .obj files. Simply right-click one of these files from the Shell, and select dumpbinGUI from the context menu.
You can select Associate from the context menu to change the file types associated with dumpbinCMH.

SoftSea Editor's Note: this program need dumpbin.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this file converter software.

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