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dataMagus is a software to learn database modelling. The main goal is to help students to understand the concepts of various databases. Therefore, we begin by modelling an abstract sample of the real world in the logical layer and transform it to several existing database models such as the relational or the object-oriented model. In the end, we can even generate source codes for different targets which work with the relational or with the objectoriented model. dataMagus can show your models in different notations.

With the first version, dataMagus is distributed with tree different layers - there's the logical one which is essential, the above mentioned physical relational and the physical objectoriented layer. Furthermore, there are four notations implemented. While the notations of Chen and Modfied Chen go with the logical model, the physical relational layer displays its models with the aid of the Crowfoot notation (also known as the notation of Information Engineering). The object-oriented models are shown with the ODLG notation which was initiated by the ODMG standard.

1. Modelling
With dataMagus you can create real logical data models. That means that you are able also to create attributes on relationships or create many-to-many or is-a relationships. Within the logical layer the default notation is set to Chen.

2. Transformation
As soon as you have created your logical model, you can transform your model into a physical one by asking specific questions. At the moment there are two different layers available (relational or objectoriented). After that you may extend your elements on the model with additional information like types or target specific data.

3. Code Creation
As soon as the logical model has been transformed into a physical model, the dataMagus has the capability to create code for the creation of a target (at the moment PostgreSQL for relational and ODL for objectoriented databases).

4. Saving and Exporting
You can save your model into a an xml format or just export it into a picture.

5. PlugIns
Notations and code generators within dataMagus are plugin based. So if you are missing a specified notation or code generator you can just write your own plugin in .NET and implement some interfaces. So if you write a new plugin, it would be nice if you could also publish it that other user can utilize it. See the following technical interface descriptions for create you own plugin.

In dataMagus only one logical schema (also known as layer) exists. The user can model its database here. Furthermore, there are two different physical schemas (a relational one and a object-oriented one) at the moment. These schemas will be created out of the logical one. So, if you are about to write a generator, you must decide for which physical schema you'd like to write it for.

* NET Framework

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this flowchart & diagram software.

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