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Statistics and word count for text files. cwlcount is a command line application which counts characters, words, and lines of text files.

cwlcount shows statistics of characters and words and counts the lines of text files or whole folders. The following information will also be printed if running cwlcount with the switch /h.

Syntax: cwlcount [options] [filename|basepath]
Example: cwlcount /cs /v /r /t:txt /topc:0 C:\docs

cwlcount parameters:

filename Specifies the file for counting chars, words, and lines.
basepath Specifies the base path of the files for counting cwl.
options Optional. See the following list.

/i Infos about abbrevations and some explanations will be displayed.
/cs Use case sensitive word and character count.
/wc Count "word" characters only [a-zA-Z0-9_].
/topw:[count] Display the top [count] words in summary.
/topc:[count] Display the top [count] characters in summary.
/hp Hide (do not display) pecentages.
/wait Waits for pressing a key before exiting program.
/sf:[filename] Saves a list of distinct words to the file specified. See following options to change save settings.
/so When using this switch an existing file with the same name will we overwritten.
/stop:[count] Writes only the top [count] words to the file specified with /sf.
/ssep:[string] The specified string will be used as word separator. Use the follownig strings for using whitespace charactes: [space] [tab] [newline] Examples: "/ssep:;" or "/ssep:[newline]"

Additional options if basepath is specified:
/v Verbose output. Statistics for each file will be displayed.
/r Seaches for files in subfolders too.
/t:[filetypes] Seaches for files that have the specified endings. The extensions must be separated by semicolons. No spaces are allowed. Example "/t:cpp;h;hpp"
/ign:[ignorestr]Filenames and -paths that contain one of the specified strings will be ignored. Example: "/i:temp;.svn"
/topwd:[count] Display the top [count] words in detailed (per file) view.
/topcd:[count] Display the top [count] characters in detailed view.
/hpb Hide (do not display) progress bar.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this file converter software.

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