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  • Date: Jan 29, 2012
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This program can make test data files. create binary or text test data files (repeating string, repeating integer binary words, or Mersenne Twister Random). Windows GUI, cmd-line, and DOS. I think source is generic, so it may be compilable on UNIX. Create binary test data files with this software.

createfile Features:
1. all integer numbers handle hex, octal, binary, and decimal number formats, as well as SI units and computer SI units suffixes (see help)
2. all integers, integer64 is case insensitive and can be: decimal (plain old numbers or starting with 0d), hex (starting with 0x), octal (starting with a 0 0o or 0q), binary (starting with 0b), number can appended with SI units (_B _K _KB _M _MB _G _GB _T _TB _P _PB _E _EB) or computer units (_Ki _KiB _Mi _MiB _Gi _GiB _Ti _TiB _Pi _PiB _Ei _EiB) as a multiplier, _K or _KB=1000 and _Ki or_KiB=1024 (computer K).
3. Mersenne Twister random with filesize, or patterned (repeating string or integer words) content using either filesize or number of repeats
4. integer words can be any size (1st number is word size in bytes), but only the first 64 bits get a number (If I can get a hold of/get help with GMP or some arbitrary width integer {STL?} I could do this maybe with integer size n but storage would be horrendous.
5. not integer words like english words.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this file converter software.

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