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boar is a simple version control and backup for photos, videos and other binary files. A Python based application.

Boar makes it possible for you to restore any or all of your files from any point in time. Boar makes it easy to maintain verified backups of your data, including file history. Boar imposes no limits on file or repository sizes. Using boar is an effective way to prevent data loss due to human or machine error.

Usage: boar <command>
ci Commit changes in a work directory
clone Create or update a clone of a repository
co Check out files from the repository
diffrepo Check if two repositories are identical
getprop Get session properties, such as file ignore lists
info Show some information about the current workdir
import Import the contents of a folder into your repository
list Show the contents of a repository or snapshot
locate Check if some non-versioned files are already present in a repository
mkrepo Create a new repository
mksession Create a new session
setprop Set session properties, such as file ignore lists
status List any changes in the current work directory
update Update the current work directory from the repository
verify Verify the integrity of the repository

For most commands, you can type "boar <command> --help" to get more information.

Boar stores snapshots of directory trees in a local or remote repository and provides tools to ensure that your data is consistent and complete. You can keep just some or all of your data checked out for viewing and editing.
The repository has a simple layout to ensure that the data can easily be extracted even if the original software should be unavailable. This simplicity makes boar ideal for data that needs safe long-term storage.

* Python

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this data backup software.

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