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  • Date: Jan 21, 2011
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    Image Viewer
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bkViewer is one small digital photo viewer.

1. bkViewer will not add any redundant information on disk, direct way to use the existing folder picture preview and browse;
2. bkViewer through the plug-in to the picture processing, but also has a picture zoom, flip, shear, sharpness, saturation, brightness adjustment, etc. The most commonly used basic editing functions;
3. bkViewer can display EXIF / IPTC / XMP / ICC digital photo shooting parameter information, and histograms can be detailed view camera model, image stabilization, shutter frequency makers mark;
4. bkViewer vendors to support parsing markup, including Canon, Casio, Epson, FujiFilm, Kodak, KonicaMinolta, Leica, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Sanyo, Sigma, Sony and a number of vendors;
5. bkViewer supported the adoption of IE, Firefox context menu to view Web pages online pictures of shooting information;
6. bkViewer to support real-time pixel picking colors, easy slide show, or send e-mail, or drag and drop pictures to the QQ window transfer;
7. bkViewer of post-processing of the images automatically create a backup PS directory, Of course, you can also directly edit without backing up the right to decide on you;
8. bkViewer support the picture pre-reading to enhance the browsing speed, bulk zoom and other functions to support multi-core parallel processing systems; It is only a few hundred K, executable files, you can easily copy operation;
9. In addition to jpg, bmp, dib, rle, tif, png, gif, wmf and other common image format addition, bkViewer also supports ttf, ttc font preview, as well as the Canon (CR2/CRW), Nikon (NEF / NRW), Fuji (RAF ), Leica (RAW / DNG), Kodak (DCR / KDC), Olympus (ORF), Pentax (DNG / PEF / RAW), Sony (ARW/SR2), Minolta (MRW), Panasonic (RAW/RW2), Richo (DNG), Samsung (DNG), Leaf (MOS), Hasselblad (3FR), Mamiya (MEF), Epson (ERF) format, such as the original picture and tag parsing.

bkViewer support for EXIF, IPTC, XMP, GPS, ICC standard tags, as well as the United States National Geographic Web site to automatically download daily desktop
EXIF contains standard information such as aperture and shutter makers mark (MakerNote), makers mark is currently no uniform standards, the firms themselves to record picture quality, lens type, image stabilization, shutter times, and many other information.
The vast majority of image processing tools (such as PhotoShop, ACDSee, Picasa, etc.) can only view the standard EXIF information, can not support the vendor tag. bkViewer mark for most vendors provide good support.

Exif (Exchangeable image file format) is the acronym for Exchangeable image file is specifically for digital cameras, photo settings, and can record digital photos of the attribute information, and shooting data.
XMP (Adobe Extensible Metadata Platform) is the Adobe Extensible Metadata Platform acronym for the Adobe application, data exchange between the yuan.
GPS (Global Positioning System) is the acronym for Global Positioning System. This is a global coverage of the 24 satellites of the satellite system can guarantee that at any time, any point on Earth can be simultaneously observed four satellites, to ensure that satellites can be collected to the observation point latitude and longitude and height in order to achieve navigation, positioning, timing and other functions.
IPTC (International Press Telecommunications Council) is an international publication of the Telecommunications Committee of the acronym, IPTC metadata is a standard format, you can join the photo the following metadata information, such as author, copyright, captions, detailed descriptions.
ICC (International Color Consortium) is the acronym for the International Color Consortium, ICC profile is the basis of color management, it is a cross-platform file format, define the color space in different colors to match the required color data.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this image viewer software.

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