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We often download large numbers of files such as video/audio files, games, E-journal, Flash animations, applications and so on from websites which provide download free. But we will find that the space of our hard disk does not big enough to store so many files and data sooner or later. That makes our computer running more and more slowly and astatically.

We usually compress the files in order to saving enough space to store more data and files. So excellent software that create compressed archives is very important for us. Which one do you use commonly, such as WINARJ, UC, LHA, ACE32, WinRAR etc? ZipGenius is my favorite archiver in numerous of compression tools. Did you use this unique zip and unzip suite before? I think it is an ideal solution for us to create and manage compressed archives. If you are looking for a archiver I commend ZipGenius to you and I can insure that you will like it soon.

ZipGenius is a powerful zip tool that offers support for more than 20 different compression formats, including 7zip, ZIP64, UPX and many others. It supports drag and drop, 5 compression levels, full customization and integration in Windows Explorer. The program also comes with a built in FTP client that allows us to download and upload files from within the software. The signature features allows us to add our signature and contact information to any zip file we create. ZipGenius also supports the creation of self-extracting exe files, complete with custom setup launch and icon. ZipGenius also comes with additional features like encryption, scanner support (acquire pictures and zip them into files), backup, statistics, download time calculator, disk spanning, file export, support for OpenOffice and more. It can also interact with our Pocket PC device. Claim your space back and reorder your files with ZipGenius: You are in the right place! ZipGenius is free and absolutely clean from spyware, adware or viruses.

SoftSea has verified that ZipGenius is a 100% clean software for Windows and they assigned the "pick" note to their ZipGenius listing. Following are the minimum requirements of ZipGenius: CPU: Intel Pentium 233 MMX / AMD K5; RAM: 16 MB; 16 MB of free space on hard disk; Supports following operating system: Windows 95 OSR-2 + Internet Explorer 4.x; Windows 98/98SE; Windows ME; Windows NT4 SP6 + Internet Explorer 4.x; Windows 2000; Windows XP; Windows Server 2003; Windows Longhorn / Vista - 32bit and more. Furthermore, ZipGenius has a completely customizable interface through skins that can change the look of ZipGenius sidebar, icons in the toolbar and the font type and color of the file list.

In a word, the developer of ZipGenius wanted to ensure ease of use for the average home user with its simple, clean, great looking interface, but included features for even the most demanding, seasoned users.

ZipGenius is the absolutely free file compression software suite for Windows operating systems, that enlights your daily work by saving disk space, organizing documents, protecting important files and collecting your pictures.

ZipGenius is just more than a simple zip/unzip program: it is the perfect work companion you were searching for.

Stop wasting disk space and losing documents through thousands of folders in your system!

Stop struggling to find that old report you made two years ago!

Stop deleting you family pictures because you need disk space!

Stop letting unauthorized people read what you are doing at work!
ZipGenius is true freeware: no spyware, no ads, no nag screens will appear while using it. And if you are asking it... YES! It is also free to use in commercial, corporate, professional environments. ZipGenius is free for all people and it is packed with a lot of features that make it the most rich freeware compression utility on the Web. That's why ZipGenius has been awarded with lots of awards and positive reviews. Download it and you will discover why everybody that tries ZipGenius, very hardily uses another compression program.

ZipGenius supports many archive formats including the worldwide known ZIP, RAR, 7-zip, CAB. ACE, ARJ, LHA, RPM, TAR. Here is the complete list of supported types.

ZipGenius offers advanced data protecton systems because it doesn't rely only upon the default password protection system offered by certain archive types, like zip, but it can make encrypted zip files (CZIP) using the best encryption algorhythms available right now: BlowFish, TwoFish and Rijndael (AES). If people needs to share encrypted zip files with other people not using ZipGenius, they can convert standard CZIP files into executable CZIP files, that can decrypt itself so people doesn't need to install ZipGenius to perform this simple task.

ZipGenius is also a perfect companion for digital photography amateurs and professionals because it can acquire also pictures from a TWAIN device, like scanners and some old digital camera, and from external drive units, then it can perform one of the following actions:
it can compress acquired pictures into a new compressed archive;
it can create a self-playing slideshow, so you can share your photos with your family members and friends, also if they don't use ZipGenius.
Moreover, ZipGenius allows you to preview pictures in a compressed archives as thumbnails, because ZG file list component is fully integrated with Windows shell.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, you can free download and get a free trial.

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