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ZWave Commander Download
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ZWave Commander is an ZWave Controller Client for the iPhone/iPod Touch and is a native iPhone application that allows you to control your ZWave devices anywhere in the world. Ever wanted to close the garage door while lying in your bed? How about turn the outdoor floodlights on but didn't feel like walking back downstairs to turn them on? Now you can! All you need is either a ControlThink USB ThinkStick device connected to your PC or a Qhorus QHOR_ZWX10BR and ZWave Commander will allow you to control all your ZWave devices.

ZWave Commander consists of two pieces...a server piece which runs on your PC and the client piece which runs on your iPhone or iPod Touch. The server piece included here is called ZWaveCommander.exe and is critical to using ZWave Commander on the iPhone.

The purpose of this program is simple: to allow control of your ZWave devices from your iPhone/iPod Touch with the touch of a finger.

ZWave Commander Features:
1. Control your ZWave Devices from anywhere in your house.
2. No "line-of-sight" needed to control ZWave Devices
3. No special expensive ZWave remote needed.
4. You are already using ZWave Devices and already own an iPod or iPhone so now you can take it to the next level!

Simply copy the ZWaveCommander.exe somewhere on your PC where you have your Zwave Controller module and run

Simply download the ZWave Commander app from the Apple AppStore.

Why use ZWave Commander iPhone Client?
1. Control your ZWave devices, scenes, zones from your iPhone/iPod Touch anywhere in the world
2. No special expensive ZWave remote needed.
3. You are already using ZWave Devices and already own an iPod or iPhone so now you can take it to the next level.
4. Costs less than 1 ZWave Module or Appliance!

* iPhone/iPod Touch OS 2.2 or Higher
* WI-FI/3G/Edge Internet Connection
* Windows PC Support: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher, ControlThink USB ThinkStick hardware device hooked up to your PC, ZWave Commander Server running. Just run this EXE and configure it and leave it running.
* Native Hardware Support: Qhorus QHOR_ZWX10BR low voltage hardware-only solution not requiring a PC.

Quick Start Guide
1. Start ZWaveCommander.exe on the PC
2. The main screen will display the PC IP Address which you will need for the client setup. If you are using Vista it is the IPV4 Address you need like

1. Go to the iPhone/iPod Touch Settings application
2. Find the section for ZWave Commander and navigate to it
3. Enter the IP Address found in the steps for the Server
4. You won't need to change the port unless you received an error on the Server so leave it at 6004
5. Start the ZWave Commander iPhone application. It will find and connect to ZWave Commander running on your PC.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, you can free download and get a free trial.

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