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Yahoo IMAP Connector Download
Free Download Yahoo IMAP Connector

Yahoo IMAP Connector lets you access your Yahoo. email using the IMAP protocol, enable you to check your Yahoo. email from your favorite desktop email program. Instead of having to manually check your Yahoo. email in your browser, you can just sit back and watch your Yahoo. email come straight to your inbox with Yahoo IMAP Connector.

It acts as a 'bridge' or connector between your desktop email program and the Yahoo! email server. Because the Yahoo! email servers require a special extension to the IMAP protocol (which most clients don't implement), simply using your desktop client without this connector won't work. The Yahoo IMAP Connector performs the necessary translations (between your desktop client, and the Yahoo! email servers) to allow you to access your Yahoo! email using the IMAP protocol.

The Yahoo IMAP Connector provides an IMAP interface to your Yahoo email account, so you can check your email on your desktop, without having to login to your Yahoo! email using your web browser.

Typically, you need to install Yahoo IMAP Connector on the machine you plan on checking your Yahoo! email from. But, once it's installed on one computer, other computers on your home or office network can connect to it (if you allow access through your firewall at TCP port 27143) and check Yahoo! email using it. For these other computers on your network, follow the configuration instructions as you normally would, but change '' to the IP Address or hostname of the computer on which Yahoo IMAP Connector is installed.

Additionally, the IMAP protocol is designed for multiple clients (e.g. your email program, cell phone, or web browser) to access your email account at the same time (unlike the older POP3 protocol), so you dont have to worry that your email program will download and delete your messages from the Yahoo. server, leaving you only one copy. Your Yahoo. email remains on the Yahoo. server, accessible from both your web browser and your desktop email program.

Use Yahoo IMAP Connector for:
1. Faster reading/writing of Yahoo email messages
2. Consolidating work/school/personal email accounts into one email program
3. Backing up your Yahoo! email for safe keeping
4. Offline access of Yahoo! email
5. Notification of new incoming email, instead of manually checking several times a day
6. No more Yahoo! email side ads, or slow web interface

Configuring your email client
Once you have installed Yahoo IMAP Connector, you need to setup your email client (e.g. Microsoft Outlook) to use it. Your email client will connect to the "Yahoo IMAP Connector", which will in turn connect to Yahoo! mail servers to retrieve your email.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $9.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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