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  • Date: Oct 29, 2008
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YTK Lite is the Ultimate Yahoo! Messenger chat companion. This easy-to-use chat utility provides many additional features to Yahoo! Messenger including enhanced privacy, unlimited safe list/white list, unlimited ignore bin, font and style filtering and the highest level of anti-boot protection available for the Yahoo! Chat network as well as spam and nuisance blocking. Private message and invitation management is organized into user zones for full control over your Yahoo! chat session allowing you to block the features you dont want to be solicited with while allowing others, all selectively chosen by you and applied to built-in groups. Anti-Boot, Anti-Spam & Anti-Spim, Privacy and Enhancements!
The #1 choice for Yahoo Chat! Veterans, novices and newbies

YTK Pro is a Security Application that runs alongside Yahoo! Messenger in order to enhance its functionality, remove unwanted annoyances (Adverts) and protect the end user from malicious Instant Message/Chatroom activity such as denial of service (booting). YTK Pro protects your privacy by verifying inbound communications against YTK Pro's privacy settings and an internal ignore and safe list.

YTK Pro is hands down the #1 weapon against booting. Hardened from the inside out it's been designed from the ground up to stop booters in their tracks.
YTK Pro repels Floods & Invite Bombs with ease and is the only product in its class to proactively detect and block new exploits before they have been patched using unique 'Packet Profiling Technology'. In addition YTK Pro protects you in chat when using an alias ID (secondary ID) using Smart Alias Cloaking.
Flood Cap Control (Unique to YTK Pro) maximises your internet connections ability to aid YTK Pro in repelling attacks.
Unlike any other product in its class YTK sucessfully repelled the Broadcast Denial of Service attack (aka room boot) by developing a protection scheme dubbed 'Gawd Mode'. Making its debut in 1.0.294, Gawd Mode is triggered as soon as a flood is detected. Gawd Mode was also the only technology to block the WAP Exploit which repeatedly disconnected users and locked their accounts.

YTK Uses multiple filter types in order to block SPAMBOTS as they enter the room and it continues to monitor Chatroom Text for SPAM-LIKE material. Our SPAM filters are updated multiple times per week to tackle even the latest tactics used by SPAMMERS. SPAM is NOT an issue for those protected by YTK Pro!
Text from legitimate users is visible and the chat experience is uninterrupted by unwanted JUNK messages.
Bots are removed from the 'Userlist'. The 'Ignored Chatters' list can be seen in this image as well as the integrated 'tiny event logger'.

The Global Ignore Bin is a database of Yahoo! ID's which are added in one of the following cases
Manually added by the user using the contextual Chatroom Menu
Manually added using the 'Add' button in the GIB
Added by the Junk Filters or Manually Created Filters
Added by the Anti-Boot Scheme
Contained too many characters as outlined in Chatroom Filtering
Unlike alternative solutions the GIB can contain an almost infinite number of entries. Thanks to a clutter free interface the addition and removal of ID's is a breeze.
The Global Safe list is a database of Yahoo! ID's which you manually compile. You select Yahoo! ID's (typically those whom you trust) and add them to this list of 'trusted' identities. This list is exempt from certain filtering as outlines by YTK Pro 'Zones'.
YTK Pro blocks the transfer of potentially malicious files via Yahoo! Messenger's file transfer using a technology we call FTTS or File Transfer Type Screening.
This unique technology analyses the file type and blocks those which it deems to be potentially harmful. By default, Windows still hides the extensions of potentially harmful file types like '.exe' leaving you open to the 'double file extension' exploit. This exploit could allow a user to send you a file called mypic.jpg.exe but would only appear on your windows pc as mypic.jpg. Because Windows has hidden the '.exe' part it appears to be a harmless image file. However... it is more than likely malware masquerading as an image file.

Voice Auto-Corection System (VAC'S) makes it impossible for your computer to be lagged by malicious Voice Chat users ie. Voice Laggers.
What is Voice Lag? Voice Lag is the term used to describe an attack on the Yahoo! Voice Conferencing Module which directly results in an application hanging or complete Operating System crash. The VC Sync engine monitors incoming 'voice chat' transmissions and corrects those which are intended to cause Voice Lag.

Challenge Integrity Check
This feature tests to see if the sender of the PM is real or a BOT.
This system allows YTK Pro to make decisions about a Yahoo! ID. It challenges the sender of the private message with a randomly generated code and requests that the sender reply to the challenge using this code. A human can complete this simple task without any problem. However, an automated user ie. a bot cannot. The end result is you wont get bothered by bots... ever!
Plugin Support
YTK Pro is full of features to enhance the enjoyment of chatting. Sometimes letting others know what kind of music you're listening to is a segway to an interesting conversation.
We've packed YTK Pro full of plugins to assure that it's compatible with your choice in music player.
Currently YTK Pro supports integration into Winamp, LaunchCAST, iTunes and Windows Media Player. Enabling these plugins is as simple as checking the option in the YTK Menu. You wont find another program that offers more jukebox integration!
Intuitive Help
We're all about making things work easier for you at Torseq Tech. That's why when you come across a feature you're not familiar with you need not worry. Hovering your cursor over the feature checkbox reveals an Intuitive Help Text which explains al that you need to know about that feature. Intuitive Help Text - only in YTK Pro!
Event Logger
Now is a good time to mention another YTK Pro feature. Keep an eye out for the tiny event logger embedded in the main chat window. You'll see in real-time as YTK Pro adds users to the global ignore bin amongst other events such as booting attempts and Challenge Integrity Tests.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this instant messenger software.

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