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  • Date: Jul 12, 2017
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XolidoSign can sign any document in your computer, an application that can digitally sign/timestamp documents. XolidoSign is a straight-forward application that will allow you to digitally sign and/ or timestamp all your documents. It supports PDF, Word documents, Excel datasheets, Databases, Videos and much more.
It performs a quick and automatic process and has a simple interface and self-explanatory style that will help you along the process. XolidoSign can sign with embedded or external timestamps to ensure document or signature existence at established time.

1. XolidoSign is a free software to sign documents within your own computer.

2. Check electronic certificate revocation status and its validity with certificate issuer entity, before doing your signatures.

3. Designed to be used by all sort of users: at home, in your work or in Government's offices. Thanks to its robustness and straighforward use.

4. It includes one option to add document time stamp, to warrant para garantizar its being since a given time.

5. Sign any kind of file: PDF, Word, Excel, JPG, blueprints, databases, etc., without size limit and as many times as you wish .

6. In addition, you'll be able to emebed your digital signature in PDF files without without additional software tools.

7. Select all those files that you want to sign and complete the process quickly and automatically with just one click.

It supports any certificate available in your Windows Certificate Store, including those on your SmartCards. It checks online revocation status and trust using the Certificate Authority. XolidoSign supports integrated PDF signature, allowing visible or invisible signature field on the PDF itself. It also suypports external signatures for all kind of documents, based on PKCS7/CMS standard.
XolidoSign allows an unlimited file size and multiple and concurrent signature processes. It also helps you maintain security in your electronic transactions (invoices, contracts, posting notes...).

* .NET Framework

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this file encryption software.

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