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XLExport loads a delimited ASCII file from disk or memory stream and exports the cells to Excel. XLExport unit to send data to Microsoft Excel97 (or later. Possibly Excel95, but I haven't tried it). It loads a delimited ASCII file from disk or memory stream and exports the cells to Excel. Delimiters can be PIPE, SEMICOLON, or TAB. Also available is XLExport.zip which contains a standalone executable (70Kb) to load and export an ASCII disk file. It can be executed from within your application, or directly from the commandline.

XLExport will take a TAB, PIPE (|), or SEMICOLON (;) delimited text file and export it to Microsoft Excel (Excel97 or better. Maybe Excel95, but I haven't tested it) if it's installed on the user's machine.

All the cells are set as Text unless prepended with a tilde (~) so end-users would have to convert them back to numeric, if they want to do any calculations. It's annoying, but Excel will drop leading Zeroes on NIINs, Serial Numbers, etc., otherwise.

Adding a tilde to the beginning of a field turns off the Text format, and Excel will format the cell in whatever way it thinks best (usually General format).

Excel has a limit of 64K rows per sheet, and this exporter will create continuation sheets as needed.

Just save the delimited data file to disk and execute XLExport.

Usage: XLExport.exe <filename> [delimiter]

The <filename> parameter is required and must contain the full path to the data file. If there is ANY chance the Path might contain spaces (C:\Program Files\SomeDirectory\temp.dat for instance), send a quoted string, i.e. "C:\Program Files\SomeDirectory\temp.dat")

The [delimiter] parameter is optional. If left off or unrecognized, TAB is the default. Valid parameters are TAB, PIPE, and SEMICOLON (case doesn't matter).

If the row in the data file does not end with a delimiter, one will be added, but it is better (faster) if it is supplied.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this microsoft office add-ins software.

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