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Free Download XF Designer 9.0.0 Build 3140

Visual XSL-FO Editor and Layout Designer for XML data. XF Designer is a user-friendly, easy to learn layout editor that handles with ease all the complex parameters required for professional publishing.

XF Designer is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It helps developers:
1. Edit XML and XSL documents.
2. Run XSL transformation and preview the result using the built in XSL-FO formatter.
3. Edit XSL-FO documents.
4. Edit XF Document Templates.

Templates created in XF Designer are based on open standards such us XSL-FO and SVG and can be used at runtime to format any XML data.

The designer uses XSL-FO - an open standard for printable documents defined by W3C, the same organization that maintains the HTML standard. Because the XSL-FO standard is an open standard, the maxiumum interoperability between XF Designer and other XSL-FO compliant software components is ensured.

XF Designer is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) environment. Documents are visualized in a paginated mode and you can simply drag & drop fields and other dynamic content from the data source tree. You can use XML files as data sources, or, by integrating with Ecrion Data Architect, anything else, including databases, web services and more.

XF Designer Key Features:
1. Create feature rich document templates in minutes not days, in a full WYSIWYG editing environment.
2. Add dynamic data from XML using simple drag&drop operations.
3. Use a rich set of visual graphics including Images, Barcodes, Charts, Maps, Rich Media and more.
4. XF Designer can create fill-able PDF forms.
5. Supports creation of templates in multiple languages without re-editing the layouts.
6. Integrates with Ecrion Data Architect to display data from XML, Databases, Web Services and more.
7. Supports basic and complex pagination features, from duplex printing to different page layouts for first, even, odd, last and blank pages.
8. For advanced users, full support for intelligent XSLT editing is provided (auto-fill, auto-complete, etc.).

1. Easy to Use Interface
Basic editing actions include changing the font, text and background colors, control alignment and indentation, resize page margins, resize table columns, insert or delete table rows, resize images and graphics and more.

2. Drag and Drop
The user has a drag and drop interface for defining the output. It is very comfortable to use because all you have to do is to open an existing XML document containing data and drag and drop fields onto the design surface.

3. Multilanguage Interface
XF Designer is available in English, French and German. Adding other languages is very easy! The user interface is also very customizable with support for several color schemes.

4. Rich Set of Features
XF Designer provides support for using charts, images, tables, barcodes, geolocation maps, 3D objects and rich media (such as Flash) in your templates.

5. XML Editing
The XML Editor implements full undo/redo support, syntax highlighting, autocomplete and autofill for XSL-FO and XSL. It also includes menu commands to verify the XML syntax, assign XSL stylesheets and run XSL transformations, pretty print, one step PDF generation, etc.

6. XML Tree and XPath
Based on the XPath language, XF Designer is able to perform structure-aware searches and replacements of certain patterns of elements inside the document.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $795.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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