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  • Date: May 28, 2011
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Free Download X3F Tools Build 033

X3F Tools is a software to read X3F files. X3F is a file format for Sigma cameras, containing Foveon based images. I assume, as you are here, that this makes perfectly sense to you. The extract tool can extract the RAW Foveon sensor data and dump it as TIFF (or RAW).

1. usage: x3f_extract.exe [-jpg] [{-raw|-tiff [-gamma <GAMMA> [-min <MIN>] [-max <MAX>]]}] <file1> ...
-jpg: Dump embedded JPG
-raw: Dump RAW area undecoded
-tiff: Dump RAW as TIFF
-gamma <GAMMA>: Gamma for scaled TIFF
-min <MIN>: Min for scaled TIFF (def=automatic)
-max <MAX>: Max for scaled TIFF (def=automatic)

2. usage: x3f_io_test.exe infile [outfile [outfile2]]

By default the data is not scaled or gamma coded. It can also dump the JPEG (thumbnail) file. The info tool is really a test program - doing nothing of any great value. It shows how to use the X3F IO library for reading and writing X3F files. It also dumps some information about the file.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this digital photo software.

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