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X-Mouse Button Control is a windows application to remap your mouse buttons. You are able to provide an application specific mappings, which means one application can use the mouse differently from another. This is useful for games which do not inherently support the extended mouse buttons, because you can map keys to each button.
1. Copy/Cut/Paste
2. Volume Up/Down/Mute
3. Media Player control
4. Send a custom keystroke sequence
5. Launch your email (or any other) application.
6. Capture screen (or active window) image to clipboard.
7. Click-Drag [Sticky Buttons].
8. Save and restore desktop icon positions.
9. Vista (and Windows 7) support including some Vista/7 only featurs such as 'Flip 3D'.

Please note, whilst the 32bit version will work on Windows XP 32 and 64bit editions, the 64bit version will only work on Windows x64 edition. This is handled automatically during installation so there is nothing to worry about.

Installation/Upgrade Information:
As of version 1.47 the upgrade installation will automatically close XMBC and the launcher service (if it is running) so you do not need to remove the old version before installing the latest.
By default, XMouse Button Control is configured to run automatically when you log on to Windows.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this mouse & keyboard software.

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