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  • Date: Mar 19, 2019
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Free Download World Tools Pro 2.0.7

World Tools Pro is a InDesign plug-in to work on right-to-left languages and writing scripts. It will provide users with an Adobe InDesign plug-in that will designers work on right-to-left languages and writing scripts - especially Arabic and Hebrew.
World Tools Pro has all the functionality of World Tools, plus the functionality needed to properly composer Far Eastern Scripts including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages. Additionally, World Tools Pro offers a Composite Font Editor for creating custom composite fonts which automatically uses you choice of the font for each writing script you are using to compose your text.
World Tools Pro is quite simply the most complete solution available for composing multilingual documents including Hebrew, Arabic, Indic languages, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and more!
World Tools Pro Features:
1. Use of right-to-left functions in the CJK versions of InDesign - The ME versions and CJK versions of InDesign are mutually exclusive.
2. Localized interfaces - World Tools can be used with any version of InDesign - no matter what the language of the user interface might be. The ME version only has English (IE), French, Hebrew, and Arabic interfaces.
3. Additional Functionality - World Tools also includes the following functionality not present in InDesign: Spread Numbering, a function to straighten existing quotes, and the ability to intelligently apply character styles to texts of different languages.
4. Universal Solution - If you need to compose both Far Eastern and Middle Eastern languages, World Tools Pro is simply the best and only option!
5. Composite Font Editor - If you are deciding between the ME version and World Tools, the Composite Font Editor might very well sway your decision!

* Adobe InDesign CS4 or CS5

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $179.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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