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Windows Winset Download
Free Download Windows Winset 2013.5

Windows Winset is a comprehensive suite of utilities to that powers up Windows XP/Vista/Windows7 do more and do it better.

Windows Winset is an all-in-one system utility to optimize,clean up,maintain and speed up your PC.make your computer always perform like new.It also gathers detailed and accurate software and hardware information for you to know your PC . Windows Winset set of more than 50+ tools are designed for PC's peak performance. Windows Winset has more then 40+ windows utilities to daily use. So that you can customize your Copy of Windows XP/Vista/Windows7 to be Your Personal Copy.

* Single Click Care Include:
1 Disk Cache Auto Optimization. 2 Desktop Auto Optimization. 3 FileSystem Auto Optimization. 4 Security Auto Optimization. 5 Network Auto Optimization. 6 Boot Speed Auto Optimization. 7 Desktop Auto Setting. 8 Backup/Restore Auto Optimization setting.
* Hardware Information Include:
1 CPU and MotherBoard Information (CPU,Bios,Base Board,System Slot,etc.) 2 Video Information(Video Controller,Monitor,ect.) 3 Mempry and Storage Information(Physical Memory,Disk Drives,CDROM) 4 Network Information. 5 Audio and Input Information(Audio,Keyboard,Mouse,USB Controller,SerialPort,Printer,Fax) 6 Other Information(Computer System,Operating System)
* Disk Optimization Include:
1 I/O Cache Optimization. 2 Memory Performance Configuration. 3 Windows Response Optimization,etc.
* Desktop Optimization Include:
1 Desktop Icon Size Optimization. 2 Accelerate Menu Display Speed. 3 Display Menu in Vista Explorer. 4 Turn of animation effects such as windows display,menu. 5 Create Independent process for Desktop and Explorer when windows start. 6 Stop recording information of running applications,file paths and used documents. 7 Use classic style of Start Menu and Desktop to save system resources. 8 Automatically restart interface in case of any exception raised in User Interface 9 Desktop Icon Cache Size Setting.
* File System Optimization Include:
1 (UAC) Enable/Disable User Account(only for Vista operating system) 2 (UAC) Administrator/Ordinary UserSafety Degree Setting(only for Vista operating system) 3 (UAC) enables virtual files and registry memory for every non-administrator(only for Vista operating system) 4 (UAC) Automatically enter protected mode in case of installation detetcted bu UAC(only for Vista operating system) 5 Level 2 Cache Setting 6 Optimize Windows Sound 7 Disable debugging tools 8 Allow Windows to optimize boot partition automatically when necessary 9 Optimize NTFS performance by not updating the most recent date 10 Optimize NTFS performance by not crerting MS-DOS compatible 8.3file name 11 Allow Windows hard drive optimization process running in the background when system is leisure
* Security Optimization Include:
1 Enable/Disable Automatically login when Windows starts up 2 Network security(445 port,SYN attack,ICMP attack,SNMP accack,etc.) 3 Prevent the corresponding network to this computer from requesting issuing its own NetBios name 4 Automatically clear the document history on logout 5 Prevent users from creating null links 6 Automatically clear temporary files when close Internet Explorer 7 Prevent the system from enabling Management Share 8 Prevent the system from enabling Server Share 9 Remove Internet Explorer rating passwords
* Network Optimization Include:
1 Internet connection MSS MTU,TUB,TTL optimization(Modem,ISDN,Cable,LAN or Board Band,PPPoE,Xdsl,etc.) 2 COM port buffer optimization(COM1-COM4) 3 Maximum threads connected by IE 4 Optimize the interval time of WINS name query 5 Enable Maximum Transmission Unit automatic detection 6 Enable PMTU Black Hole detection 7 Enable Transmission Unit buffer automatic adjustment 8 Enable Selective Acknowledgment and optimize Fast Transmit Mechanism 9 Enable LMHOSTS domain name resolution 10 Enable load balancing with multiple network adapters 11 Improve network capability and throughput 12 Enhance automatic decection of IE website
* Boot Speed Optimization Include:
1 Prefetch Method Optimization 2 Time to wait for disk error check 3 Add/Delete Autostart items when windows startup
* Right-Click menu setting Include:
Add/Delete Customized Right-Click menu Items for you.
* Desktop Setting Include:
1 Remove the arrow from shortcut icons 2 Remove "Shortcut" text from shortcut icons 3 Taskbar Time is 12 hour system 4 Display "User's Documents" on desktop 5 Display "Recycle Bin" on desktop 6 Set Icon Transparent on desktop 7 Set Windows Desktop Wall Paper(Stretch Center Tile).
* Start Menu Items setting Include:
Appear/Hide the Start Menu Items
* Folder Icon Setting Include:
1 Setting the Folder Icon 2 Save the Icon/ Bitmap file from the other files resource
* Drives Setting Include:
Appear/Hide the Drives
* Files Attrib Setting Include:
You can set the files create date/time,update date/time,attrib(hide,readonly,archives,system) for single file or all files in folder.
* System Folder Setting-I Include:
1 Temporary Internet Files Folder Setting. 2 Desktop Folder Setting. 3 Favorites Folder Setting. 4 Templates Folder Setting. 5 Send To Folder Setting. 6 Cookies Folder Setting. 7 History Folder Setting.
* System Folder Setting-II Include:
1 My Documents Folder Setting. 2 My Recent Documents Folder Setting. 3 My Pictures Folder Setting. 4 My Music Folder Setting. 5 My Videos Folder Setting. 6 Application Data Folder Setting. 7 CD Burning Folder Setting.
* System Security Setting:
1 Disable Registry Editor. 2 Disable running registry Script. 3 Disable "Display". 4 Disable "Appearance". 5 Disable "Screen Saver". 6 Disable "Display Background". 7 Disable "Virtual Memory". 8 Disable "Fils System" option. 9 Disable "Device Manager" option. 10 Clear Pagefile(Swapfile) on shutdown. 11 Stop automatic rebooting of system after windows update. 12 Enable 48bit LBA support for Hard Drives larger then 137GB. 13 Unload DLLs from Memory after use. 14 Enable UDMA66 Mode. 15 Disable Windows CD burning Functionality. 16 Disable autorun of audio CDs and USB drives. 17 The cache size for CD/DVD. 18 The prefetch size for CD/DVD.
* Internet Explorer Property Setting:
1 Set Internet Explorer Window Title. 2 Set Internet Explorer Start Page. 3 Set Internet Explorer Local Page. 4 Set Internet Explorer Download Path. 5 Set Internet Explorer Search Page. 6 Set Internet Explorer Default Page.
* Internet Explorer Toolbar Setting:
You can add/delete the button in the Internet Explorer Toolbar.
* Internet Explorer Options:
You can Set the Ie Options Hide.
* Control Panel Setting:
Control Panel is a repository of various applets and administrative tools.You can easily customize display of these applets.
* Junk File Cleaner can clean:
Junk File Cleaner helps you to enhance your system performance by cleaning temporary and obsolete files accumulated overtime and clutter your system.
* Windows Trace can clean:
1 Temporary Files and Folders. 2 Run Dialog History. 3 History of rcently opened documents. 4 Search Files History. 5 Search Computer History.
* IE History can clean:
1 IE Cache. 2 IE Cookies. 3 Visited Internet history. 4 Typed URLs in Address Bar. 5 Clear forms(In IE Autocomplete History). 6 Clear pasword(In IE Autocomplete History).
* Vista cleaner:
1 Vista Default Wall Paper Clean. 2 Vista Sample Media Clean. 3 Vista Sample Music Clean. 4 Vista Sample Pictures Clean. 5 Vista Sample Videos Clean. 6 Vista SP1 Uninstall Backup Files. 7 Vista SP2 Beta Uninstall Backup Files
* Registry Defragger Include:
1 Optimizing System's registry can cut off slowdowns in PC and help in smooth working.To improve PC's performance,you should optimize your system's registry. 2 Backup/Restore registry.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $19, you can free download and get a free trial.

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