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WinSync is a software tool for managing the directories and files of Windows and namely: Comparison of directories or files, without any limitation in size and at any location on your computer or the computers connected through a local network. Identification of missing directories, missing files and files having the same names but of different content.
Synchronization of the contents of two directories with several options. Making identical two files having the same name by choosing a reference. Searching for doubles and possibly eliminate them. Creating empty files or directories. Deleting files or repertories. Sanitization of the space occupied by files or the whole free space of disks by using the Gutmann algorithm performing on any magnetic media. Ciphering and deciphering files and possibly signing them by using specific keys or pairs of public/private keys and generating those keys. Searching for all files incorporating a given string of characters and whose name satisfies the specifications of a mask. Archiving and restoring a directory.

WinSync is a product that can manage directories and files in Windows and in particular: To compare folders or files, without limitation of size and irrespective of their locations on your computer or computers connected by a LAN.

Following this comparison are identified sub-directories missing, missing files and files of the same name but different contents. To synchronize the contents of two folders with different options. To make two identical files with the same name by choosing Reference. Seek duplication and, where appropriate, eliminate them. To create files or empty directories. To delete files or directories. Erasing files or free space discs securely using Gutmann's algorithm. This algorithm is particularly effective for making a secure erasure of magnetic media of all types. To encrypt and decrypt files and possibly sign them using specific keys or pairs of this public / private key and generate these pairs. Seek all files containing a string and whose name meets the specifications of a mask. archive and restore a directory.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $35, you can free download and get a free trial.

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