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  • Date: Aug 06, 2009
  • Price: EUR32.00
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    PC Access Control
    Antivirus & Security
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Free Download WinSesame 10.1

WinSesame is a professional security software enabling you to : Protect a file or a folder with a password. Make files or folders confidential. Prohibit the opening of a file or a folder. Protect data on external hard drive, usb, cdrom, network. Create virtual safes. Make a powerful parental control. Transfer confidential data by email. Protect files and folders with a numeric signature file. Clean discs against the recovery of residual data. Automatically close all the protected folders and files opened. Maximum efficiency with 6 encryption algorithms available: 3 special algorithms with limitless key length: WNS910, WNS915 and WNS1020 (the most powerful algorithm available today) 3 standard public algorithms : DES, TripleDES (3DES) and AES (designed for the United States Government.)

Protect your data from unauthorized access on your hard disk, Cd-Rom, external drives or for the transfer by Internet of complete and confidential files and folders. Just right click on a folder and choose "Lock with WinSesame". Choose the password, the file is locked. Now the opening of the folder requires the password. The data contained in the locked folder is encrypted by an absolutely unbreakable process and the length of the password is not limited. To close the folder again, it's unnecessary to enter the password because this remains associated with this folder although not readable in the computer. Moreover you can close and lock with only one click all the protected files and folders you have opened on your computer. WinSesame use 6 encryption algorithm : WNS910 WNS915 WNS1020, DES, TripleDES (3DES), AES. WinSesame works in English, French and Spanish. You can change the language from de Options dialog box.

Easy to use thanks to a main menu containing all the functions and the integration of the program in the context menus of folders. Furthermore, WinSesame will prove to be very flexible and will adapt to your specific needs.

* Allows you to lock folders with Word or Exel files (1MB), but you cannot lock folders with pictures or videos.

Version 10.1 adds a main menu from where all the functions are available, can lock files or folders, and has new friendly look.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is EUR32.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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