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  • Date: Mar 06, 2016
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WinHeist Windows Hobbyist Electronic Inventory SysTem. Looking for an easy way to keep track of all those electronic components? With minimal effort you can also track orders and create material lists that automatically update your inventory.
This simple to use application is customizable and has an intuitive user interface that is designed with the electronic hobbyist in mind.

There are three mayor modules that make up this application they are;
1. Component Inventory - A database of electronic components that are in your possession and there numbers as well as optional information pertaining to the component.
2. Order Manager - Enter the components you want to order along with the supplier and the prices for each item. Once the items are received the order can be committed and inventory is automatically adjusted.
3. Project Manager - Enter the items that you are going to use for a project (material list) and when committed the inventory items associated with the project will be adjusted accordingly.

As with any system such as this the more effort put into it the more that can be gained.

WinHeist Features:
1. Configurable - Configured to organize components in a Category/Subcategory model that is defined by the user.
2. Advanced Search - Search by Category or by text in component title.
3. Order Tracking - An Order is a collection of components and information such as the supplier and pricing information related to each component. When the items have been received the user may commit the order and inventory will automatically update inventory.
4. Supplier and Pricing - is optional but used in conjuction with Order Tracking provide a powerful means to keep a record of component inventory.
5. Price Comparison - In the order module an option to compare prices for components in the order by supplier has been provided. This is a new feature.
6. Project tracking - Like Order tracking Project Tracking allows the user to create a Bill of Materials and when committed will automatically update inventory.
7. Contexual Notes
8. Alerts - may be set on a component to notify the user when a components count gets to or below a certain value or zero. The component line in the grid will display a red background when an alert is active for a given component. An option is also provided in the main toolbar to create an order based on alerts.
9. Data Sheet attachment - Each component may have a datasheet attached to it and can be viewed by clicking on the icon in the component line in the grid.
10. Auto naming - Since entering data is the most time consuming activity an option is provided to automatically generate the name using the {Subcategory}{Category}{Value} construct.

WinHeist is similar to other organizers in that it allows the user to create, edit, delete and search a database of items but unlike other applications WinHeist allows the user to maintain supplier and price information for each component in the database. When this feature is used in conjunction with ordering it helps the user to keep a grocery list of items that need ordering and compare prices to determine which supplier to order from.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this inventory management software.

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