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WinBubble Download
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WinBubble enables you to customize and tweak several Vista features, in particular the Bubbles screensaver, which cannot be customized from the screen saver settings dialog. With WinBubble, you can choose the type of bubbles and their size and optionally add a drop shadow effect.

WinBubble also allows you to customize the Ribbon and Mystify screensavers, as well as shortcut icons, OEM information and the OEM logo. In addition to the visual tweaking features, WinBubble enables you to set a variety of security restrictions, such as disabling Taskmanager and Control Panel, hiding drives and disabling of Internet Explorer features among other things. It also allows you to activate a hidden Aurora boot screen in Vista.

WinGuggle is a small application that can get your Windows Vista and Office Product Key easily. No Installation is needed, Just unzip the archive and launch the application.

WinGuggle Features:
* Get Windows Vista and Office Product Key (CD Key)
* Change OEM Logo and Information
* Change Performance Information and Tools OEM Logo

What's new on WinBubble 1.73::
* "Restore All Settings to Default" Button
* "Create a Restore Point" Context Menu option (Right-Click Menu)
* "Device Manager" Context Menu option (Right-Click Menu)
* Help Links was added
* Taking the Ownership of File and Folder options
* Anti-Bug feature was updated
* Automatic Back-up of OEM Information was added

New Features (1.72):
* Enable/Disable Multiple Monitor Configuration was updated
* Search Button Restoration was removed
* Help Links was added
* Icon Customization was updated
* Anti-Bug feature was added

New Features (1.71):
* Enable/Disable Start Menu Search option in Windows Vista SP1
* Compiled and Tested on Windows Vista Service Pack 1
* "My Tweaker Tool", Create your own Tweaker
* Firefox support was added
* Add/Edit/Delete DVD/CD drive Labels
* Disable IE connection Settings
* Disable Changing the Homepage settings
* Delete specified IE URL history
* Auto-detect of new versions.

Version 1.65:
* "Alt-A" was added for applying customization and tweak
* Disallow Flp3d and Changing wallpapers, Disable Internet access, Remove "Map/Disconnect Network Drive" in Computers Context Menu
* More Context Menu Customization (Desktop, Windows Explorer: all files, folder and drives)
* Disabling Windows Sidebar and Failed DNS Caching was transferred to Optimizations Tab

Version 1.6:
* WinFlog option was added
* "Open with notepad" context menu was added
* Aurora screensaver was added
* Downloads Folder Icon customization was added
* Changing IE Download Directory
* Added more Tool buttons (System File Check, Reset Folder views, Clear DNS Cache, Hide/Show your comp, Winflog Control Panel)
* Tools button Customizations (Create your own toolbox!)
* Context Menu Customization Tool (Computer, Desktop/Explorer, Start Menu and Network icon)
* Miscellaneous tweaks (Enable Password protect of screensavers, Disable Low disk space checks, Balloon tips, Mobility Center, Windows Sidebar, Disable Failed DNS caching, taskbar thumbnails and Win+Letter Keys)

Version 1.5:
* Changing Windows Vista Icons easily (Customizations and Restoration)
* Added "Browse" option in changing shortcut icons
* additional performance tweaks (Speed up Shutdown and Network Connections)
* more security features (complete UAC options and USB storage security)
* IE tools
* other miscellaneous tweaks

Other Features:
* Windows Customizations:
* Add/Edit OEM Logo and Information's
* Edit Owner Information
* Context Menu Customizations: Move To, Copy To, Take Ownership, Pin To, Turn OFF/ON Aero, Disk Clean-up and Winbubble launcher
* Customize Screensaver (Bubbles, Ribbon and Mystify)
* Customize and Remove the Arrow on Shortcut icons
* Desktop Icons: Show IE, Computer, Network, Control Panel, Username folder and Public Folder to Desktop.
* Hacking Windows Experience Score
* Re-enable Hibernation
* Enable Aurora Bootscreen guide
* Launch WinSAT Aurora
* Show Windows Vista Build on Desktop
* Enable Slow-Down Animations
* Enable/Disable Welcome Center
* IE Customizations:
* Internet Explorer Window Title
* Start Pages
* Enable/Disable Pop-up Blocker
* Enable/Disable Phising Filter
* Enable/Disable Download Complete Notification
* Enable/Disable ClearType font
* Remove Search Box
* Hide Command Bar

* Speed-up Start menu search (Stops searching the File index, Favorites and History, and Communication files)
* Clear Multiple Monitor Configuration
* 3 ways to turn off Windows Aero, Increases Performance for Gaming and Battery Usage

* Remove "New" in Explorer's Context Menu
* Remove "Folder Options"
* Disable Taskmanager
* Disable AutoPlay in All type of media
* Disable access to Display Property
* Disable access to Control Panel
* Increasing security by forcing to input the Username before entering the windows
* Add Encrypt/Decrypt to Explorer's Right-Click Menu (Context Menu)
* Enable/Disable UAC
* Disable RUN command in the Start Menu and Task manager
* Hide ALL Fix Drives
* Hide a specific Drive
* Hide Shutdown button and options in the Start Menu
* Internet Explorer Security settings 1: Disable File->New, File-> Open, Save As, View Source, Favorites, Right-Click, Download, Tools->Internet Options.
* Internet Explorer Security settings 2: Internet Options Window, Hide General Tab, Security Tab, Privacy Tab, Content Tab, connections Tab, Programs Tab, Advanced Tab

System Requirements:
* Windows Vista only

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this system optimizer software.

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