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WinAutomation can automate all your repetitive tasks and have your computer do all the boring stuff for you, while you are enjoying the extra free time to do more things you like. It is a fast and reliable automation, task scheduler, macro recorder and windows scripting solution.

If you are like most computer users, you are probably spending a fair amount of time every day on monotonous, repetitive tasks which you definitely wished you could find a way to get them done automatically. Anything from simple tasks, such as download a file or perform a backup, to complex ones that consist of multiple steps.

WinAutomation does this exactly: composes any task visually by dragging and dropping various steps, and executes the task as often as you like.

WinAutomation Features:
1. Visual Job Designer
A visual editor that allows you to build tasks, just by dragging and dropping predefined actions. Everything is visual, this way you can implement complex tasks and logic without even having to write a single line of script.

2. Plenty of Predefined Actions
More than 130 versatile and powerful predefined actions that act as building blocks for your tasks.

3. Macro Recorder
The integrated macro recorder lets you record mouse and keyboard events as you perform them and converts them into actions that you can later replay at any speed.

4. Variables
WinAutomation includes full support for variables that are used to pass data from an action to another.

5. Conditionals, Loops
Full support of flow control structures is included, ranging from the simple GoTo action to IF/ELSE constructs, and loops of course that can iterate a list, repeat a block of actions for a number of times or for as long as a condition is met.

6. Integrated Debugger
Sometimes an automated job may not perform as intended and in this case you need a tool to help you identify the error.

7. Exception Handling
Imagine that you have built a job that copies a file and it suddenly fails because the destination disk becomes full.

8. Image Recognition
When you implement GUI automation (i.e., when you send mouse clicks and keystrokes to automate an application) often relying your actions on mouse pointer coordinates is not enough.

9. Task Scheduler
A powerful task scheduler that allows you to schedule any job on a daily, weekly, monthly or arbitrary schedule is included in WinAutomation.

10. Triggers
WinAutomation includes a complete collection of triggers that you may set to constantly monitor you system and execute jobs at specific events.

11. Event Log
Every event related to WinAutomation is registered into its own event log.

12. Addons
WinAutomation being a feature-rich automation platform, includes a vast collection of actions that are available to you whenever you install the application.

13. Compile to Exe
The Professional Edition includes a Job Compiler that allows you to compile any job into a standalone .Net executable file.

* .NET Framework

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $249.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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