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  • Version: 6.7
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  • Date: Apr 23, 2017
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WhiteCap Download
Free Download WhiteCap 6.7

WhiteCap is a sleek and sophisticated music visualizer and screensaver that features futuristic, wireframe mesh visuals with dynamic backgrounds and colors. WhiteCap is the music visualization that broke new ground with its captivating morphing wire-frame.

It contains thousands of visual combinations, real-time audio response, configurable on-screen menus, and an extensive library of visual content.
1. Continuously morphing stream of visual effects
2. Adjustable zoom, speed, and music response
3. Easy to install, easy to use

1. Advanced hardware accelerated rendering engine
2. Unparalleled expandability: add your own visuals
3. Intuitive on-screen menus for easy control and customization (need Gold version)
4. Extensive library of exclusive foreground and background visuals (need Gold version)
5. V-Bar: watch WhiteCap while working in other apps (need Gold version)
6. Album cover art and track titles (need Gold version)
7. One year of free updates (need Gold version)
8. WhiteCap Screen Saver (need Platinum version)
9. Support for multiple media players (need Platinum version)
10. Standalone: visualize CDs, internet radio, auxiliary inputs, microphone, etc. (need Platinum version)

When WhiteCap is running, right-click (or control-click) on the WhiteCap window. You can:
1. Launch the WhiteCap V-Bar (lets you enjoy WhiteCap from other applications)
2. Switch audio input sources
3. Display the WhiteCap hotkey list
4. Enter full screen mode
5. Take screen shots

To maximize frame rate:
1. Exit background tasks (virus scanners, file sharing, system monitoring)
2. Disable audio extensions (e.g, sound equalizers, audio filters, "DSPs")
3. Disable CPU energy-saving features

How to Install WhiteCap?
1.Run the WhiteCap installer.
2.Start iTunes.
3.In the View menu, select Visualizer -> WhiteCap.
4.In the View menu, select Turn On Visualizer.

Winamp 2.x/5.x
1.Run the WhiteCap installer.
2.Start Winamp.
3.Press CTRL+K (or right click and select Visualization -> Select plug-in), select WhiteCap, and press the Start button.

Windows Media Player
1.Run the WhiteCap installer.
2.Start Windows Media Player.
3.Press the Now Playing tab (or enter any mode that displays the visualizer).
4.If WhiteCap does not appear, ensure that it's selected (Options -> Plug-ins -> Visualization).
5.Note: WMP only passes keystrokes to plugins while in fullscreen mode.

Google Sidebar
1.Run the WhiteCap installer.
2.Start Google Desktop and open the Google Sidebar.
3.If the WhiteCap Sidebar Gadget does not automatically appear, please select Add Gadgets from the Google Sidebar menu and type WhiteCap within the Search bar (you will then be presented with an option to Add WhiteCap).
4.Note: by default, WhiteCap will visualize your primary audio source, so you need to be playing a song in order for WhiteCap to have some audio to visualize.

1.Run the WhiteCap installer.
2.Start J. River MEDIA CENTER and start playing a song.
3.From the Player menu, select Display Options -> Display Plugin -> WhiteCap.
4.Click on the Playing Now heading (upper-left).

1.Run the WhiteCap installer.
2.Start RealPlayer and start playing a song.
3.From the View menu, select Choose Visualization -> WhiteCap.

1.Run the WhiteCap installer.
2.Start MediaMonkey and start playing a song.
3.From the View menu, select Configure Visualization.

Musicmatch Jukebox
1.Run the WhiteCap installer.
2.Start Musicmatch Jukebox.
3.From the View menu, select Visualizations -> WhiteCap.

1.Run the WhiteCap installer.
2.Start jetAudio.
3.Press the Visual button, select Config Visualization, and select WhiteCap.
4.Start WhiteCap (Visual button -> Start/Stop Visualization).

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $20.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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