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Weekly Planner helps you plan your week on a 7 day calendar grid. Making to do lists and setting daily fitness goals has never been easier.

A Tool to Improve Yourself:
Weekly Planner was inspired by Benjamin Franklins method of self improvement through better daily planning. Weekly Planner will help you to plan better, work smarter, increase your productivity and reduce confusion in your life. Weekly Planner helps you organize your to-do list on a calendar, and prints an index card of things you need to get done for that day.
To-Do Lists, with a difference:
Weekly Planner merges the concept of a Calendar, a To-do list and Notepad into one. It lays out your To Do lists on a 7 day calendar grid, each day cell can be typed into like a text document. To check off an item on your list, you simply type // in front of the item, this will cross it out (clicking on the side bar next to the line will do the same). This lets you quickly see completed items and upcoming tasks you need to get done in the coming week.
Print on Index Cards:
There is beauty in simplicity. Most traditional program force you to use forms, check boxes and click buttons to enter a single event. To Do List makes it easy to plan your week on one page. It gives you a notepad like interface to your next 7 days. Just type your events in a day column. Print your day's events on a 3x5 flash cards with a single click. Most printers can print on index cards!!!You can print a day's to-do list on a standard 3x5 index card and can carry it around in your pocket. A quick reference and a great reminder of what to do next. Check mark off an item that is finished, and move all uncheck items to another day with a single click.
Improve your Fitness:
Weekly Planner comes with a 5000+ USDA food database to help you calculate how many calories you eat daily. Tracking caloric intake can help you manage your weight. In addition, you can also calculate how many calories you expend during exercise. To keep you motivated, the program tallies how many miles you walked, ran or biked during that day, month and year.
Diet and Health
The program comes with tools to improve your health and cross train

Calorie Tracker : Calculate your daily caloric intake with a 5000+ food database.
Weight Plan:
* Plan and Track your weight loss program.
* Blood Pressure: Track your blood pressure.
* Cardio: Keep track of distance and calories you burn during cardio workouts.
Advanced Features:
* Project Planner: Keep track of your big projects with a separata calendar, to-do list and Time and Money trackers.
* Long Term Goals: Create lists of long term goals and important decisions.

Properly monitoring and tracking your daily Tasks can reduce stress, lead to more free time and more happiness in your life. Weekly Planner makes it easier for you to record and analyze your week ahead.
Easy Data Entry:
Your week in planned out on single page. Just select the right column and type. Unfinished items can be crossed off, deleted copied and pasted to next day, as easy as using notepad.
Why Flash Cards
Weekly Planner allows you to print each day individually on a 3x5 index card. This makes caring your list of events very easy. A flashcard is thinner than an ipod, flexible, fits in your pocket and is ultimately disposable. Should you need to add things to your list during the day, just write it using a pen.
Easy Printing
Weekly Planner was designed to print on Flash Cards or 3x5 index cards. Packs of Flash Cards can be purchased in Dollar stores or at Walmart. Most printers support printing on flash cards. Simply insert the flash card into your printer and click print. Printing on regular paper is also supported by Weekly Planner. The printed paper easily fits in your hand, or pocket.
Project Planning
Weekly Planner was also designed to help you take on the big projects in your life. Each project can have a calendar, a to do list, a balance Sheet for tracking money, and a time tracker for keeping track of time spent. A project also gets its own documents directory where you can keep related files.
Diet and Health:
The program comes with many tool to improve your health.
Calorie Tracker : Calculate your daily caloric intake with a 5000+ food database.
Exercise: Plan and Track your exercise program.
Health: Track your blood pressure, sleeping patterns and doctor appointments

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $19.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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