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  • Date: Aug 25, 2010
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WebExe is a software package that converts HTML pages into a standalone EXE file that includes an integrated web browser. Using this technology, ebooks, manuals, product catalogs and other forms of content can easily be produced into a compact and readily sharable format.

WebExe lets you compile web pages, including all linked content, into one single, self-contained .exe file with an integrated web browser. Files created with the software are easily shareable and can be run on any Windows computer.
WebExe is the ideal tool to produce ebooks, manuals, product catalogs, price lists, and so much more. Just create a single HTML page or complete website in your favorite web editor and let WebExe turn the files into a standalone desktop application!

Get WebExe today because it ...
1. Allows you to distribute web pages in a compact and easily accessible format.
Package an ebook, a website, or any other HTML-based content in a self-contained executable file and provide it to your clients or partners via email or the web.
2. Provides effective protection for your content.
With WebExe you can secure your texts and images by disabling functions like copy, print, and save. Furthermore, access to the contents can be restricted by setting a password and specifying an expiration date.
3. Gives you full control over the appearance of the output files.
When setting up a WebExe project you can explicitly specify the size of the output browser window, customize the display of the program's menu bars, and configure the full-text search.
4. Requires no additional software or plug-in.
WebExe files include their own browser and work completely independent of Internet Explorer, Firefox, or any other software.
5. Creates files with very small overhead for easy distribution.
The WebExe browser is quite slim, adding less than 450 KB of overhead to your files. Additionally, all web content embedded into a WebExe file is compressed using the ZIP algorithm, which reduces the total file size up to 50%.
6. Includes an easy-to-use interface and a detailed help file.
The built-in wizard quickly guides you through all stages, right up to the creation of your output file. When encountering any problems, comprehensive online help is always at your fingertips by pressing F1.
7. Is free to try:
An evaluation copy of WebExe can be downloaded free of charge. You only have to pay if it suits your needs.

Key features of WebExe:
1. Independent from installed browsers: No additional software is necessary for starting the .exe files.
2. Step-by-step wizard: An electronic assistant guides you through the process of converting your HTML pages into an .exe file.
3. Detailed help file: A comprehensive online help service provides you with all the information you need to successfully use WebExe.
4. Multi-lingual output files: The output files support 10 languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, Esperanto, Portuguese, Afrikaans, and Swedish.
5. Variety of configuration settings: There are many possibilities for controlling the browser's attributes, functionality, and behavior.
6. Security features: Secure your work by disabling browser functions like copy, search, print or save.
7. Password protection: Protect your web pages with a password and an expiration date.
8. Full-text search: Let users search your web pages for keywords.
9. Small overhead: WebExe's browser is less than 450 KB in size.
10. ZIP compression: All files collected by WebExe are compressed using the ZIP algorithm.
11. Fast and secure loading: All pages and images are directly loaded and displayed from memory without temporarily storing them to disk.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $39.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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