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Automated web content retrieval. Web Retriever is a powerful and flexible software tool for automatically retrieving content from the World-Wide Web. By "content" we mean any information or object presented on a web page that can be copied or downloaded to the user's computer. Web content therefore includes text (e.g., words, numbers, phrases, paragraphs, entire pages), images, icons, photos, movies, animations, audio clips, etc.

Web Retriever is designed for people who visit web sites on a regular basis to read text or view other content. Typically, the user visits regularly because the site content has been updated or modified since he/she last viewed it. Unlike a web browser, Web Retriever does not require the user to manually open and view a web page in order to read or extract its new content. Instead, the software stores a collection of web objects that are of interest to the user and then retrieves them all automatically at the click of a button whenever the user desires.

Web Retriever Features:
1. Provides a powerful yet simple pattern-matching system for identifying the web objects (content) of interest to you
2. Incorporates a flexible report system that lets you create customized reports to aggregate, summarize, and format selected information from the web to meet your needs
3. Allows you to define jobs consisting of multiple web objects and reports, so that you can retrieve all items in a job with one click of a button
4. Displays the progress of large file downloads and can be configured to skip the download altogether if the target object has not changed since it was last retrieved
5. Enables you to collect and format text or data from different web sources so that it can be imported into other programs, such as word processors and spreadsheet software, or output as html

Web Objects
A web object is a specific item (within a web page) that the user wishes to retrieve. It is defined once and then can be retrieved at any time with the click of a button. It is defined once and then can be retrieved at any time with the click of a button. It can also be included in a job for automatic retrieval with other web objects.

A pattern is a sequence of fixed characters, character alternatives, or other patterns that is used to identify a web object. A pattern can be defined as a combination of other patterns, making it possible to build complex patterns very quickly from basic, pre-defined patterns. Web Retriever includes a comprehensive library of common patterns (such as a number, a word, a currency value, a date, etc.) for the convenience of the user, and most web objects can be defined simply by selecting one or two of the patterns from the library. In cases where a customized pattern is needed to specify a web object, the library provides the fundamental building blocks from which it can be constructed with minimal effort.

A report is a body of text entered by the user containing the names of one or more text web objects. When a report is run, all the web objects are retrieved and the value of each (i.e., the retrieved text string) is inserted into the report in place of its name. The report can then be viewed and/or saved (or appended) to a file. If saved to a file, the report can subsequently be imported into another program (such as a word processor or spreadsheet software) for further processing.

A job is a user-defined collection of web objects and/or reports. When a job is run, all of its web objects and reports are retrieved (or run) at the same time.
Jobs can be used to group web objects and reports in any way the user wishes. As an example, a job might be created consisting of all his web objects that change on a daily basis and another job created for the web objects that change weekly. The user would then run the first job once every day and the second job once a week.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $19.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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